NYC Composting: A Peak Behind the Plastic Curtain

NYC’s curbside compost program is a prime example of greenwashing. Residents are encouraged to separate compost from garbage, but it’s like separating fruits from meats before tossing them in a blender: it doesn’t make a […]

If Workers Could Access the Employers’ Books, Here’s What They’d Find

The bosses claim they can’t raise workers’ wages, but what would we find if we inspected their accounts for ourselves? That’s actually what I did—and here’s what I found.

Cal State Strike: Letter from an Academic Worker

There was supposed to be a historic five-day strike of Cal State academic workers, but the union leaders called it off after the first day. How did it come to this?

Letter from a Communist Grocery Worker

It’s the workers on the floor who know how to run our stores—not the bosses who contribute nothing but headaches.

Amazon Worker Dies at DCY9

On November 20, an Amazon worker fell to the floor and began bleeding from his head. An hour later, he was pronounced dead while en route to the hospital. Despite the death in the facility, […]

What It Means to Be a Communist

All genuine communists fight for the end of capitalism. But what are we fighting for? What is our vision for humanity’s future?

UE Workers Continue the Battle against the Wabtec Bosses

UE Locals 506 and 618 have been on strike since June 22. Close to 1,000 UE workers and supporters rallied to show their solidarity.

Being the Communist on the Job Site: A Letter from a Construction Worker in NYC

I’m a unionized construction worker in New York City. I’m also a communist. You may not think the building trades are a hotbed of Marxist politics, but consciousness is changing!

Letter from a Colorado Mining Industry Worker

While other industries can shutter a storefront overnight to stifle unionization efforts, mining corporations cannot do the same with a mining operation. Conditions are rotten-ripe for the expropriation of these crucial industries, which we cannot […]

Letter from a Domino’s Worker in Colorado

Pizza delivery drivers are being taken advantage of by their employers. Only mass working-class action and organization can point the way forward.

Social Distancing and the Class Struggle

True social distancing is impossible for the working class, who are forced to interact with other workers and the public so the ruling class can maintain their profits.

Postal Workers: Time to Bring Back the Strike!

Continued operations under COVID-19 have a very real cost. Within weeks the number of cases for the USPS has risen 25 time and managment’s response as been disastrous at best.