What Will Socialism Look Like?

For many, it is clear what we are fighting against, but it can be harder to picture what we are fighting for. In concrete terms, how might a new society work? In what way would our individual […]

On the Need For a Revolutionary Party

A party is not just an organizational form, a name, a banner, or an apparatus. A revolutionary party, for a Marxist, is in the first place program, methods, ideas, and traditions.

Marxist Economics

Frequently asked questions regarding Marxist economics, covering economic doctrine, value, surplus value, and economic determinism.

The Marxist Conception of History

Historical materialist theory is fundamental to the Marxist understanding of why a socialist revolution is not simply desirable, but an historical imperative.

Marxist Philosophy

Dialectical materialism is the philosophical framework which holds the science of Marxism together.

What is Stalinism?

Why is socialism in one country impossible? Why did Russia degenerate into a totalitarian, Stalinist dictatorship, and how does the planned economy work to develop the productive forces without the “check” of the market? What […]

Marxist Theory

Why is it only the working class which can develop a collective, socialist consciousness? What is Trotsky’s Theory of the Permanent Revolution? What are the elements required for workers’ democracy? What do Marxists think about […]

Brief History of Marxist Internationalism

Why must socialism be international? What was the First International What was the Second International? What was the Third International? What was the Left Opposition? What was the Fourth International? What were Trotsky’s perspectives for […]

Marxism Basics

Answers to some of the basic questions asked about Marxism.

Who Were Karl Marx and Frederick Engels?

Short biographies of Marx and Engels, the founders of scientific socialism, by Lenin.

Why We Are Marxists

A short introduction to the basic elements of Marxism and why socialism is the only way forward for humanity.

Marxism FAQ

This FAQ is intended as an introduction to some of the basic ideas and positions of the International Marxist Tendency.

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