Marxism Basics

Answers to some of the basic questions asked about Marxism.

Who Were Karl Marx and Frederick Engels?

Short biographies of Marx and Engels, the founders of scientific socialism, by Lenin.

Why We Are Marxists

A short introduction to the basic elements of Marxism and why socialism is the only way forward for humanity.

Marxism FAQ

Marxist theory is the bedrock upon which our political ideas, perspectives, and methods are built. This FAQ is intended as an introduction to some of the basic ideas and positions of the International Marxist Tendency.

Education Plan

A list of readings divided by levels for easy navigation by those who are recently coming to the ideas of Marxism, or those who are already familiar with them.

In Defense of Theory—Or Ignorance Never Yet Helped Anybody

Alan Woods highlights the attitude of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky toward theory, and its importance in arming the working class and its leadership with a worked-out theoretical guide to action in order to transform […]