America’s Dirty Underbelly: Human Trafficking under Capitalism

As the crisis of capitalism intensifies, rates of human trafficking are rising even in the richest country in the world. This is the inevitable product of a sick system based on ruthless exploitation and oppression.

Freedom for Boris Kagarlitsky: Mobilize International Solidarity!

The arrest of Boris Kagarlitsky is a threat and a warning to any left and Communist forces in opposition to the reactionary Putin regime.

Russia: Who Is Boris Kagarlitsky and Why Is He Being Prosecuted?

Boris Kagarlitsky, one of the most prominent left-wing sociologists in Russia, was arrested on “justification of terrorism” charges. The Organization of Communist-Internationalists calls for freedom for Kagarlitsky.

SCOTUS Overturns Affirmative Action: Fight for Jobs and Education for All!

The Supreme Court has ruled against the legality of affirmative action admissions practices. But to fight racism and inequality, we must see beyond the confines of capitalism and fight for jobs and education for all.

Rainbow Capitalism or Socialist Revolution: Which Way Forward for LGBTQ Rights?

Capitalists have largely been successful at transforming Pride from a radical demonstration against an oppressive system into a month-long marketing campaign full of rainbow branding and affirming taglines.