Pakistan: Successful Marxist School in Kashmir amid Deepest-Ever Economic Crisis

From July 21–23, the Progressive Youth Alliance (youth and student wing of the Pakistan section of the International Marxist Tendency) held a three-day Marxist school near Rawalakot in Kashmir.

Landmark Congress of Marxists in Pakistan: Rising to the Challenge of a Revolutionary Epoch

Despite the multitude of logistical issues that arose from organizing a national meeting amidst crumbling infrastructure and rampant, arbitrary corruption, the 6th Congress of Lal Salaam (the Pakistani section of the IMT) on March 11 […]

“Halla Bol” Youth Convention in Pakistan: An Important Milestone in the Struggle for Socialist Revolution!

Hundreds of students, workers, and political activists participated in the Halla Bol youth convention organized by the Progressive Youth Alliance in Karachi.

#CommunismOnCampus: Who Has the Youth Has the Future!

The International Marxist Tendency is out in force as new academic terms begin all around the world. Find us with the hashtag #CommunismOnCampus.

Pakistan: Masses Devastated by Floods and Rains While Rulers Continue to Loot and Plunder

Pakistan has been ravaged by floods and torrential rains, while the ruling class continues to loot and plunder the impoverished masses at this time of distress and disaster.

Pakistan: New Government Comes to Power but Crisis Continues

Imran Khan has been ousted. The government has changed but the political crisis continues, reflecting a deep economic and social crisis.

CIA Used Prisoner as “Prop” to Teach Torture Methods

It has been revealed that the CIA spent three years using a detainee in Afghanistan as a “puppet” to train interrogators in torture methods.

Pakistan: Amar Fayaz Released!

Comrade Amar Fayaz was released on January 3 after his abduction by Pakistani security forces. Amar’s release was made possible through the immense international campaign organized by students, youth, and workers from all around the […]

International Solidarity for Comrade Amar Fayaz

Comrade Amar Fayaz was abducted a month ago by state authorities in Pakistan, and his whereabouts are still unknown. Comrades all around the world are showing solidarity. Join the international campaign!

Pakistan: Protests Continue for Release of Amar Fayaz Across the Country

Comrade Amar Fayaz was abducted on November 8 by state authorities of Pakistan from Jamshoro and his whereabouts are still unknown. Join our international solidarity campaign to demand his safe release!

Pakistan: Comrade Amar Fayaz Abducted by State Authorities

On November 8 at around 1:30 AM, men in two jeeps abducted comrade Amar Fayaz in Jamshoro, Sindh. We appeal to all our comrades and supporters to struggle for his release!

Pakistan: Victory for IMT as Comrade Amin Released!

Amin arrived at his home following 18 days in confinement, after being abducted by the Rangers on July 14. His release was only possible thanks to the international solidarity campaign.