Fascism on Film

Two films from 1970, The Conformist and The Garden of Delights, present a harrowing portrait of everyday life under fascism.

Gaza War: Dockers at the Port of Barcelona Show the Way Forward!

A month after the Israeli government commenced its ethnic cleansing against Palestinians, the Organization of Port Dockers of Barcelona, has resolved “not to allow the activity of ships in our port that contain war material.”

The Spanish Civil War and the Crimes of Stalinism

The Spanish Civil War began this month in 1936 with the beginning of the coup by General Franco. The fascist forces could have been defeated, with the working class rising up and fighting back. But […]

From the “Indignados” to the Death of Podemos: Prepare for a New Revolutionary Cycle in Spain!

In 2011, a tremendous movement erupted across Spain: the indignados. Within a few years, it found a political expression in Podemos. But the upcoming elections are set to confirm the terminal decline of this party.

Solidarity with the Spanish Communist Youth! No to Bureaucratic Expulsions!

The IMT expresses its solidarity with the comrades of the leadership of the Union of Communist Youth of Spain, who have been bureaucratically expelled by the majority of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

Spain: Hundreds of Thousands Hit Streets in Fight for Public Healthcare

A tide of people flooded Madrid in protest against the ongoing collapse of Madrid’s public health system due to privatization and cutbacks. One million people took part, according to the organizers.

Thousands of Youth March for Socialism in the Basque Country

On January 28, 7,000 people marched in the Basque Country with a very clear aim: to denounce the living conditions of the working class, to organize independently, and to fight for socialism.

Gazte Topagune Sozialista: Communist Ideas on the Rise in the Basque Country

Resolute communist idea are reverberating with the Basque youth. The road ahead will be hard, but revolutionary optimism is the order of the day!

Massacre at the Melilla Border: Spanish Government and Bourgeoisie Are Responsible

On June 24 there was an attempt by migrants to jump the Melilla fence and cross into Spain. This resulted in the death of 37 people and many more wounded.

Basque Country: Solidarity with Mugimendu Sozialista!

The International Marxist Tendency expresses its solidarity with the comrades of Mugimendu Sozialista, who have been facing a prolonged campaign of harassment and intimidation from social democratic organizations.

The Rise of the Socialist Movement (Mugimendu Sozialista) in the Basque Country

The comrades of the International Marxist Tendency are following with enormous interest and sympathy the Socialist Movement in the Basque Country.

Lessons from the Madrid Elections: the Right Sweeps the Board, PSOE Collapses, and Iglesias Resigns

In Madrid, the victory of the right wing is in part due to the failure of Unidas Podemos to break with the policy of parliamentary cretinism.