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The Return of Child Labor: From Kids in Cages to Kids in Factories

Although child labor was banned in the US in 1938, this barbaric practice is again on the rise. Most of these young workers are migrant children who are forced to toil in brutal conditions just […]

Capitalism Can’t Keep Up With the New Climate Normality

A string of deadly storms battered the US this winter. Capitalism is again proving incapable of keeping up with a weather of extremes fueled by climate change.

Kids Still in Cages as Biden Continues the Bipartisan Assault on Immigrants

Thousands of kids are being crammed into tiny cages at 1,600% capacity. Biden’s immigration policy represents a continuation of the bipartisan attack against undocumented workers.

Miles de niños siguen enjaulados mientras Biden continúa el ataque bipartidista a los inmigrantes

Miles de niños están estando hacinados en jaulas pequeñas a capacidad del 1.600%. La política de inmigración de Biden representa una continuación del ataque bipartidista contra trabajadores indocumentados.

ICE, Immigrant Workers, and the Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in society and the economy, ICE is sparing no effort to maintain repression against migrants—actively undermining efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus in the name of “homeland […]

How Mexican Workers Fought Back and Won

The successful, militant strike of maquiladora workers in Matamoros provides an inspiring example, marking the beginning of a new period for the class struggle in Mexico—and beyond.

Why Elon Musk Can’t Save Humanity

Though his fan base sees him as a superstar entrepreneur, Musk’s pessimistic worldview reflects capitalism’s historical impasse.