First 100 Days of Lula government Brazil
Brazil: The First 100 Days of the Lula-Alckmin Government

Bolsonaro and his supporters have gone nowhere—even if they have been weakened—and the government of Lula and Vice President Geraldo Alckmin is pursuing a policy of unity with the bourgeoisie.

Migrant deaths in Chihuahua, Mexico
Death of Migrants in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: Capitalism and Its Representatives to Blame

On March 27, a humanitarian catastrophe occurred at a migration detention center in Ciudad Juárez, which resulted in around 40 deaths and more than 20 people being left in critical condition.

Lasso Presidencia De La Republica Del Ecuador
Ecuador Elections: Banker Lasso Bets Big and Loses

Ecuadorians went to the polls February 5 for municipal elections and to vote in an eight-question referendum called by the banker-president Guillermo Lasso. Lasso’s party came out of the municipal elections completely defeated.

Peru protests Jan '23
Peru: Massive March on Lima and National Strike Puts Dina Boluarte against the Ropes

The mass movement against the coup in Peru has reached that point that the ruling class fears across the globe: repression no longer works to cow the masses.

Peru: Mass Movement of Workers and Peasants Defy Capitalist Coup despite Brutal Repression

One month after the coup against president Castillo on December 7, the new illegitimate government of Dina Boluarte has used brutal police and army repression to put down protests, leaving 45 dead.

Against the Coup-Plotting Right Wing in Brazil: For Unity, Mobilization, and Class Independence!

The January 8 invasion of the National Congress, the Planalto Palace, and the Supreme Court by Bolsonarista groups must be firmly repudiated and fought by the labor, popular, and student movements. 

Peru: Usurper Boluarte Declares State of Emergency to Crush December 15 National Strike

Mobilizations opposing the coup against President Pedro Castillo in Peru have put the government of the usurper Dina Boluarte on the ropes.

Peru: Oligarchy Launches Coup against Pedro Castillo

The political crisis has accelerated in Peru. President Castillo decreed the closing down of Congress, but was swiftly arrested by police. Congress then proclaimed his vice president as the new president.

Peru: An Urgent Call for Mobilization in the Streets to Stop the Right Wing

The Peruvian oligarchy has removed Castillo, despite his promises to maintain the bourgeois constitutional regime. Peruvians must demonstrate that true power comes from the fist of the working class and poor peasants.

AMLO’s March on 27N: Huge Demonstration of the Mexican People’s Strength

1.2 million people flooded the streets of Mexico City in response to Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s call for a march. It was a powerful show of strength by the Mexican people.

Education Strike in Canada: Make it General, Bring Down Ford!

In Ontario, Canada, 55,000 education workers are waging an inspiring struggle against the rotten provincial government of Doug Ford.

Lula Narrowly Wins Brazilian Presidency: The Fight against Bolsonarismo Continues!

Bolsonaro has been defeated at the polls, but “Bolsonarismo” is alive and kicking, and will have to be defeated in the factories and workplaces.