Why Communists Call for “Intifada until Victory!”

The communists of the IMT will continue to defend the revolutionary heritage of the Palestinian uprising, and boldly put forward the slogan at every opportunity: Intifada until victory!

Hundreds Killed in Hospital Attack in Gaza: Rise Up against Israel’s Murderous Campaign!

Hundreds of people were killed yesterday in the bombing of the Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital. Now is the time for escalating the campaign against Israel’s murderous war against Gaza and against Western imperialism.

Western Governments Clamp Down on Palestine Solidarity: Organize and Fight Back!

Communists refuse to be silenced by imperialists attempting to brand those who stand in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people as “terrorist sympathizers.”

Israel on Trial: The Lie of the West’s “Rules-Based” Order

In Ukraine, the western imperialists pose as the defenders of a small nation. Today, in Palestine, the same ladies and gentlemen send aircraft carriers to stand guard as Israel slaughters a largely defenseless people.

IMT Statement: Down with Hypocrisy! Defend Gaza!

Western imperialism and its lackeys are rallying behind the reactionary Israeli state as it unleashes bloody vengeance on Gaza. Freedom for Palestine can only be achieved through revolutionary means.

Israel-Palestine: No to the Invasion of Gaza! End the Occupation!

Hamas’s attack on Israel took the Israeli Intelligence and military establishment by surprise, but it should not surprise us in the least. It is the direct consequence of the escalating violent suppression of the Palestinians […]

Israel’s Raid in Jenin: They Create Hell on Earth and Call It Peace

Armed resistance alone cannot defeat the Israeli army. Only a mass movement of the working class and of the downtrodden masses, a new Intifada, can succeed in fulfilling this task.

Palestine Socialist Appeal
75 Years Since the Nakba: Free Palestine! Intifada until Victory!

This weekend, protests will be taking place across the world to mark the 75th anniversary of the Nakba. We say: Intifada until victory! Fight for a Socialist Federation of the Middle East!

Oil workers Iran strike April 2023
Nationwide Industrial Strike in Iran: Revolutionary Youth Call for a General Strike!

A nationwide strike has broken out across Iran. Beginning April 21 at 18 workplaces, it has spread to over 100 firms across the mining, steel, and oil-gas sectors.

Israel: Netanyahu’s Judicial Reform Splits Establishment and Provokes Enormous Protests

Netanyahu is determined to force judicial reforms through Israel’s Knesset, enraging the majority of the big capitalists, who have taken the unusual step of backing the mobilization of enormous crowds on the streets.

20 Years since the Invasion of Iraq: The Brutal Legacy of Imperialism

The US-led invasion of Iraq began 20 years ago. Since then, the country has been torn apart by war, sectarianism, and fundamentalism. To end the horror and barbarism of imperialism, we must fight for revolution.

Iran protests posters
Iran: Youth Uprising Continues and Strike Wave Begins

A new wave of youth protests coupled with student and bazaari strikes in Iran began on December 5. Only a socialist revolution in Iran can ensure a dignified life and freedom for the Iranian masses.