Rafah Onslaught: The Spark That Could Set the Middle East Alight

Netanyahu is taking his war to another level. His actions threaten to destabilize the whole of the Middle East.

Palestine UNRWA
“Famine Is Inevitable”: Western Imperialists Freeze Aid to Gaza

While the Israeli state continues its genocide of Palestinians, Western powers have suspended funding to UNRWA—a vital source of food, shelter, and medicine in Gaza.

Israel: Netanyahu’s Dangerous Game

There is talk in the media about diplomatic pressure on the Israeli government by Washington to avert an escalation of the war in Gaza. And yet, the whole situation is moving in the opposite direction.

South Africa v. Israel: ICJ Genocide Case Exposes Crisis of International Law

South Africa’s landmark genocide case against Israel has attracted the support of millions worldwide, but international law is impotent to stop these atrocities.

Middle East on the Brink: Imperialists Fan the Flames

The declared aim of Washington has consistently been “to prevent an extension of the conflict in Gaza.” But their latest actions have exposed this claim as entirely hollow.

Israel Murders “Record-Breaking” Number of Journalists in Gaza

The deaths of Hamza al-Dahdouh and Mustafa Thuraya raise the total number of journalists killed in three months of Israel’s war to at least 79.

Hamas and Israel: Friends and Foes

Israel describes its ethnic cleansing in Gaza as a “war against Hamas.” At the same time, Israel has done everything possible to strengthen Hamas’ grip on Gaza.

Marxists and the Call for Intifada: What It Really Means

The use of the term “Intifada,” including by communists, has been condemned by the western establishment. But what is the attitude of communists towards antisemitism, and what was the real nature of the First Intifada?

Palestine airstrike
“Mass Assassination Factory”: Israeli Intelligence Personnel Expose IDF Terrorism

A chilling report by +972 Magazine and Local Call, based on testimony from seven current and former members of Israel’s intelligence community, exposes the grim reality of Israel’s war on Gaza.

South Africa Apartheid
Did Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions Overthrow the Apartheid Regime in South Africa?

Many earnest people in the West look to the BDS campaign as a “practical” way to show solidarity with Palestine. Its activists often point to the example of the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

A Clean Banner: Trotskyists Opposed the 1948 Partition of Palestine

In 1947, the Revolutionary Communist Party denounced the criminal designs behind the imperialist plan for the partition of Palestine. Today, the communists of the IMT inherit the proud traditions of our predecessor organization.

West Bank IDF
A Voice from the West Bank: Palestinian Speaks with Marxist.com

In an interview conducted by Marxist.com, a Palestinian teacher living in the West Bank provided a powerful eyewitness account of brutal violence perpetrated by illegal Israeli settlers.