Communists Are Organizing Across the United States

The communists of Socialist Revolution have made it our mission to organize the new generation of communists in the US—and we are getting great results!

How to Convince Someone to Join the Fight for Communism

If you’re a communist, then one of your most important responsibilities is to find and organize other communists. With just an afternoon of study, you can get some of the basic ideas under your belt.

Right Wingers Riled by “Are You a Communist” Campaign!

A spectre is haunting right-wing social media. From Denmark to the USA, from Canada to Great Britain, a reactionary online rabble is reeling at the ubiquity of the IMT’s “Are You A Communist” campaign.

Are You a Communist in the US? Then Get Organized!

Listen to our new podcast episode and attend communist events in the US! Are you looking to end capitalism once and for all? Are you a communist? Then get organized!

[Poster] Are You a Communist? Then Get Organized!

Do you hate capitalism? Do you want to see a successful revolution in our lifetime? Get organized with Socialist Revolution! Help us build the forces of Marxism and distribute our posters in your city.

World Congress '23
IMT World Congress 2023: The Communists Have Arrived!

The 2023 Congress of the IMT took place from August 7–12 in Italy, against the backdrop of a historic capitalist crisis, as more and more workers and youth are being drawn to the ideas of communism.

Progressive Youth Alliance Pakistan
Pakistan: Successful Marxist School in Kashmir amid Deepest-Ever Economic Crisis

From July 21–23, the Progressive Youth Alliance (youth and student wing of the Pakistan section of the International Marxist Tendency) held a three-day Marxist school near Rawalakot in Kashmir.

Woods Volkov memorial
Moving Meeting to Celebrate Esteban Volkov at the Trotsky House Museum in Mexico

On Sunday, July 9 an event was held to celebrate the memory of Esteban Volkov, Trotsky’s grandson, under the auspices of the Leon Trotsky House Museum in Mexico City.

Revolutionary Fervor and Bolshevik Resolve at the 2023 Socialist Revolution Congress

230 communists gathered in Philadelphia for the largest-ever National Congress of Socialist Revolution. This fervent weekend of discussion showed how seriously comrades take the task of preparing for the American socialist revolution.

May Day 2023: IMT Raises the Revolutionary Banner of Marxism Worldwide

On May 1, International Workers’ Day, comrades of the International Marxist Tendency mobilized all over the globe, raising the standard of revolutionary Marxism.

Socialist Appeal 2023 Congress Britain
Socialist Appeal Congress 2023: Recruiting for Revolution!

From March 17–19, hundreds of revolutionaries from Socialist Appeal (the Marxist Tendency in Britain) met for their national conference. The mood was one of optimism, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Landmark Congress of Marxists in Pakistan: Rising to the Challenge of a Revolutionary Epoch

Despite the multitude of logistical issues that arose from organizing a national meeting amidst crumbling infrastructure and rampant, arbitrary corruption, the 6th Congress of Lal Salaam (the Pakistani section of the IMT) on March 11 […]