Palestine solidarity Bay Ridge Oct 2023
How to Be an Effective Communist at a Protest

You can be sure that whenever there is a protest or demonstration against injustice anywhere, the communists will be in the crowd. How can we be as effective as possible in winning participants to our […]

Electric Energy at the 2023 Phoenix Marxist School

Hot on the heels of shutting down Turning Point USA at ASU on November 1, the Phoenix comrades of Socialist Revolution organized the biggest communist event in the American Southwest this year.

Communists Shut Down TPUSA Bigots at ASU Campus

After TPUSA members assaulted a queer professor on campus, Socialist Revolution at Arizona State University decided that it was time for students and workers to take the fight into our own hands.

Demo Fightback Canada
Millions Mobilize to Support Palestine: Pictures and Videos

Around the world, workers and youth have been mobilizing in solidarity with the Palestinian masses, including comrades of the IMT, advancing communist slogans in support of the struggle of the oppressed Palestinians.

“A Sea of Communists”: Minneapolis Kicks Off the 2023 Marxist Schools

The 2023 Minneapolis Marxist School brought around 100 communists together to learn the lessons of past revolutions, current mass movements, and organize to build a communist party today.

What Can Communists Do to Free Palestine?

Living in the US, it’s easy to feel powerless about the occupation of Gaza and the daily terror inflicted on Palestinians. But we have enormous potential power—as long as we can get organized.

NYC Marxist School 2023: Preparing the Forces of a Communist Movement

Some 200 communists gathered in Manhattan for the largest communist event the city has seen in decades. The comrades discussed key questions of communist theory, history, and strategy.

Communists Are Organizing Across the United States

The communists of Socialist Revolution have made it our mission to organize the new generation of communists in the US—and we are getting great results!

How to Convince Someone to Join the Fight for Communism

If you’re a communist, then one of your most important responsibilities is to find and organize other communists. With just an afternoon of study, you can get some of the basic ideas under your belt.

Right Wingers Riled by “Are You a Communist” Campaign!

A spectre is haunting right-wing social media. From Denmark to the USA, from Canada to Great Britain, a reactionary online rabble is reeling at the ubiquity of the IMT’s “Are You A Communist” campaign.

Are You a Communist in the US? Then Get Organized!

Listen to our new podcast episode and attend communist events in the US! Are you looking to end capitalism once and for all? Are you a communist? Then get organized!

[Poster] Are You a Communist? Then Get Organized!

Do you hate capitalism? Do you want to see a successful revolution in our lifetime? Get organized with Socialist Revolution! Help us build the forces of Marxism and distribute our posters in your city.