Brazil in Collapse: Down with the Bolsonaro Government!

The pandemic is out of control in Brazil. The Bolsonaro government is centrally responsible for this situation, and his actions are at the service of the economic interests of the big business owners.

Hacker Threatens Leading Member of Esquerda Marxista (Brazil IMT)

The Brazilian section of the IMT has faced an online attack from an anonymous individual in an attempt to silence our revolutionary ideas. We send our full support and solidarity.

Brazil Gripped by Major Political Crisis in Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

A major political crisis has broken out in Brazil. The Minister of Justice Moro resigned after president Bolsonaro removed the head of the Federal Police Valeixo, who had been nominated by Moro.

The Amazon is Burning so a Few can Profit

This summer has seen catastrophic fires in the Amazon, a consequence of environmental destruction in the interests of big business.

[Video] How Did Bolsonaro Win the Brazilian Elections?

Jorge Martin, editor of América Socialista and writer for In Defense of Marxism, discusses the results of Sunday’s presidential elections in Brazil.

Brazil: Why Did a Far-Right Demagogue Win the Election?

Bolsonaro’s electoral victory is a setback for the working class. The task now is not to despair but rather to prepare for the battles to come.

Brazil: In Defense of Democratic and Trade Union Freedoms and Workers' Rights

The Union of Municipal Workers of Florianópolis (Sintrasem) is being attacked by the city and the judiciary. International solidarity needed!

Brazil: After Impeachment, What are the Prospects?

By 61 votes to 20, the rotten Brazilian Senate has approved the impeachment of Dilma and her removal from office. This is the final chapter in a process which was started in December 2015 by […]

The Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff—the Brazilian Ruling Class on the Warpath

The Brazilian Senate voted by a majority of 55 votes to 22 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff.

Brazil: Who is the World Cup For?

This year’s football world cup tournament has brought to the surface a whole series of contradictions between public and private interests, between the interests of the bourgeoisie and those of the working class.