Alan Woods on World Perspectives: Crisis, Class Struggle, and the Tasks of the Communists

At the end of January, around 100 comrades of the IMT from across the globe came together for a leadership meeting that represented a decisive landmark in our history.

Aging Population or Senile System?

Faced with a shortage of workers and a growing pension-age population, the ruling class is worried about what they are calling the “demographic transition.”

Unemployment Is a Crime Against Humanity

A communist response to the multimillionaire landlord who wants to increase unemployment to kill the workers’ “attitude” and drive down wages.

“Big Box Blight” and the Death Agony of the American Shopping Mall

Abandoned “big-box” retail stores litter the landscape across the country. To address this, we need to fight for communism.

China: Economic Downturn Augurs Epoch of Instability and Struggle

Soaring unemployment and a rapid decline in consumption have debunked the ruling regime’s fraudulent claims of a “strong economic recovery” in China.

Rich Men North of Richmond: Country Hit Captures Rising Class Anger

The explosive popularity of Oliver Anthony’s country song, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” shows that the rising class consciousness and anger in the US isn’t limited to the millions of youth who consider communism their […]

The World in 2023: Crisis, War, and Revolution

This document was passed at the 2023 IMT World Congress, outlining our analysis of the main trends shaping world politics and the class struggle in this dramatic period of capitalism’s death agony.

[Video] Alan Woods on World Perspectives: Clear the Decks for Communism!

The world has reached a turning point: now is the time of revolutions and counterrevolutions. It has never been more important for communists to understand the economic and social processes happening all around us.

Singapore: A Safe Harbor from Capitalist Crisis?

Since the start of the pandemic, Singapore has seen an unprecedented level of capital inflow. The capitalists sense the coming economic crisis and are betting big on Singapore to be a safe harbor.

Trinidad and Tobago: Down with the Corrupt UNC and PNM! For a Revolutionary Workers’ Party!

Amid a rising tide of class struggle in Trinidad and Tobago, turnout in local elections is expected to fall to its lowest in decades.

Capitalism’s Debt Crisis: Expropriate the Billionaires!

Countries, businesses, and households across the world are drowning in debt. As interest rates rise, the danger of default looms. To avoid a catastrophe, calls for debt cancellation are not enough.

Inflation and Interest Rates: Ruling Class Prepares to Impose Pain

Recent data has caused alarm amongst the ruling class, suggesting that inflation has become entrenched. In response, central bankers are looking to provoke a slump in the hope of quelling price rises.