Montana’s Health Crisis: Capitalist Devastation in Rural America

Hospitals are being shut down across rural America, leaving thousands without any access to healthcare in their town. This health crisis is deeply felt in Montana.

Housing Crisis in California: Socialist Policies Needed!

Dozens of major cities in the United States are dealing with housing crises, but California exhibits some of the most acute symptoms.

Hahnemann Hospital and the Crisis of Capitalist Healthcare

Philadelphia’s hospital is being shut down and sold to real estate developers. Its patients were overwhelmingly drawn from the most impoverished working class.

Trump Blinks Again as the World Economy Stutters

Stock markets have experienced a roller-coaster ride over the past two months, as Trump’s erratic trade policy has brought the world economy to the brink of recession.

Capitalism: Not Too Big to Fail

The stage is set for another convulsive economic disruption. The coming crisis will bring to the surface all the accumulated frustrations of the so-called boom years.

The Bipartisan Assault on the Poor

Trump’s proposed 2019 budget includes drastic cuts to public assistance programs. This will only increase the misery already faced by millions of Americans who struggle with hunger.

NYC Transit’s State of Emergency

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a “State of Emergency” for the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

United Airlines: The Face of Monopoly Capitalism

While public outrage has put United’s management on a PR defensive, the reality is that consumers in the air travel industry are limited in their “choice” between just a few gargantuan companies.

The Crisis of American Healthcare

The fundamental problem with US healthcare is simple: it is a for-profit system, not a healthcare system.

Capitalism’s $1.3 Trillion Unicorn Problem

It is said that a man standing on the edge of a cliff does not reason. Today’s global economy is full of cliffs, one of the steepest being the Silicon Valley tech sector, and the […]

A Socialist Solution to the California Homelessness Crisis

As the state with over a third of the country’s chronically homeless population, California has faced this epidemic for decades.

The Crisis and the Minimum Wage

The “Great Recession” may have “technically” ended in June 2009, but what really matters are full employment and a steadily increasing quality of life. Capitalism’s inability to provide this is not due to individual malice […]

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