Davos 2023: Capitalism’s Polycrisis Strikes Fear into the Ruling Class’s Hearts

The global elites gathered in Davos last week to discuss the fate and future of capitalism. With the world economy wracked by inflation and instability, a mood of pessimism prevailed.

Marxism vs. Libertarianism

Defenders of the free market look towards libertarians—and their assertion of an “economic calculation problem”—in order to attack socialism. But in truth, Marxists answered these reactionary arguments long ago.

What Would Karl Marx Think? New Magazine Out Now!

Alan Woods’ editorial on Marxist economics from the Winter 2022 issue of In Defence of Marxism, the theoretical journal of the IMT.

Canada: Socialism or UBI?

A universal basic income is being seriously discussed across Canada, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Superficially, UBI proposals can look attractive for the left. What position should socialists take?

Argentina, Turkey, and the Debt Bomb Under the World Economy

On paper, the world economy seems to be doing great. Yet, 10 years after the the global financial crisis, a crisis of new proportions is looming on the horizon.

What is Money? Part Four: Inflation and the Gold Standard

Adam Booth examines the factors lying behind inflation and explores the role of gold as the basis for an international monetary system.

What is Money? Part Three: The Rise of the Bankers

Adam Booth looks at the growth of finance, the development of banking, and the role of credit within capitalism.