Climate Struggle is Class Struggle

Editorial for Socialist Revolution #17: The climate is already in revolt. Now it’s up to the workers and youth of the world to rise up to bring down this system.

Border Violence: Capitalism’s Solution to Climate Change

The crisis of climate change has led to a renewed influx of climate refugees. The response of the capitalists is to intensify border violence.

Is Capitalism Poisoning Your Food?

Annually, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States are hospitalized due to food-borne illness and thousands are killed by the food they eat.

The Fight Against Dystopian Capitalism

We’re subjected to a daily parade of gruesome examples of how the bony hand of capitalism, in its period of senile decay, threatens to pull humanity into an abyss of barbarism.

The Camp Fire and the Disaster of Capitalism

The town of Paradise has been effectively wiped off the map by the deadliest and most destructive fire in state history.

Radioactive St. Louis Landfill Threatens Millions

If the working class doesn’t take control over the management of energy and the environment, it may soon be a case of “socialism or extinction.”

The Murderous Nexus of Capitalist Profit and Pollution

On October 19, The Lancet reported that nine million premature deaths were caused by pollution-related disease in 2015—16% of deaths worldwide.

[Leaflet] To Fight Climate Change: End Capitalism!

A system that puts profit over the lives of people cannot provide a sustainable environment for humanity.

Why Were the Hurricanes So Disastrous?

Two hurricanes have crashed into the Southeast in the last two weeks, and, as always, the poorest have been hit the hardest.

Trump Vows to Leave the Paris Accord

The US is drifting further towards protectionism, and abandoning its role as the guarantor of free trade on a world scale.

EPA on the Chopping Block

The EPA is only the latest casualty in Trump’s steamrolling of the working class, science, and the environment.

Capitalism Pushes Climate Change to New Levels

The rise in CO2 levels will result in a drastic decline or extinction of two-thirds of all plants and animals on the planet. 

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