German Mega-Strike: A Turning Point for the Working Class

Germany was shaken by its largest strike in 30 years. This “mega-strike,” organized by two of the country’s biggest unions, brought the German transport system to a complete standstill.

West Blames Ukraine for Nord Stream Sabotage: “With Friends Like These…”

In an incredible about face, two major mouthpieces of the US and German ruling class allude to “new intelligence” that suggests the attack was orchestrated by an ill-defined “pro-Ukrainian” outfit.

Famed Journalist Says USA Blew Up Nord Stream

Last September, Western politicians blamed explosions at the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines on “Russian sabotage.” Now, a bombshell exposé by a renowned American journalist has accused the US of orchestrating the […]

Germany’s Biggest Weekly Magazine Asks: “Was Marx right after all?”

Earlier this year Der Spiegel featured an interesting piece titled, “Was Marx right after all?” Full of astute observations about the state of capitalism, it’s a piece symptomatic of the anxiety of the ruling class.

January 1923: Germany on the Brink

One hundred years ago French troops invaded the Ruhr. This occupation, combined with hyperinflation, sparked revolutionary convulsions across Germany.

German Imperialism: Ground between Two Millstones

In his “State of the Nation” address, German President Steinmeier called for greater militarization, claiming that the “struggle for dominance” was coming to the fore.

Momentum Continues with #CommunismOnCampus Campaign!

All around the world students are enthusiastically engaging with the revolutionary ideas of Marxism! 2022 is shaping up to be the IMT’s biggest ever mobilization among students.

German Energy Crisis: Workers Told They Must “Freeze for Freedom”

Germany is heading towards a social, economic, and political crisis. A country that was once a pillar of stability has joined the rest of the world by entering a state of chaos and dislocation.

Germany and Ukraine: Against Militarism, Armament, and Imperialist Aggression!

The German Marxists expose the hypocrisy and warmongering of their ruling class, and make an appeal for international solidarity.

Era of Stability Over in Germany After SPD’s Shaky Election Victory

The bourgeois-democratic political system of Germany is in crisis, but no class-struggle alternative was to be found in the latest federal election.

G7 Summit Airs West’s Dirty Laundry

The recent G7 meeting was heralded as a comeback for America and its allies to stifle the rise of China. Instead, the summit only confirmed the decline and disunity of Western imperialism.