Kanye and the Culture War: How Do Marxists Fight Antisemitism?

Recently in LA, a fascist group dropped a banner over a freeway that read: “Kanye is right.” How can we explain the recent rise in antisemitism, and what should the response of Marxists be?

Divide and Rule: Racism and Identity Politics on the L.A. City Council

Recent comments by Los Angeles City Councilors starkly revealed the racist underbelly of American politics and the reactionary role played by identity politics.

Is the US Headed for Another Civil War?

It is self-evident that the US is gripped by intense polarization and discontent. But does this really mean we are doomed to a helpless descent into sporadic violence?

Marxism and the Right-Wing Frenzy Over “Critical Race Theory”

The “Critical Race Theory” debate sweeping cable networks is a calculated response to the largest mass movement in US history. Where do Marxists stand?