The World’s Oppressed Will Shed No Tears for Henry Kissinger

The bourgeois media along with various statesmen and politicians are mourning their loyal servant, Henry Kissinger. But the workers and oppressed are not shedding any tears for the blood-soaked strategist of US imperialism.

A Voice from the West Bank: Palestinian Speaks with

In an interview conducted by, a Palestinian teacher living in the West Bank provided a powerful eyewitness account of brutal violence perpetrated by illegal Israeli settlers.

Palestine: The Threat of a Second Nakba

The brutal bombing of Gaza City highlights the barbarism of the Israeli army’s onslaught on the Palestinians.

The Demand for a Ceasefire in Gaza and the Communist Response

The demand for a ceasefire in Gaza has gained an increasingly wide echo. In this article, we offer a communist analysis of the demand for a ceasefire and point the way forward out of the […]

Arizona Communists Say: Hands off our Campuses! United Action Needed to Defend Palestine Solidarity Movement!

As is happening around the world, Palestine solidarity activists are facing intimidation in Arizona. The communists of the IMT demand united action to defend the movement!

Intifada Until Victory!

The IMT stands resolutely with the Palestinian masses in this conflict. The orgy of imperialist killing can only be stopped through united working-class action on a world scale.

British State Clamps Down on Palestine Solidarity: Support the Communist Fightback!

Comrades of Socialist Appeal, the British section of the International Marxist Tendency, have been targeted by the police for waging a determined campaign to build solidarity with the Palestinian people.

10,000 Dead in Palestine: Bring Down the Criminals Responsible!

The slaughter in Gaza has now reached the grim milestone of 10,000 killed, while more than a million have been displaced with nowhere to go.

War, Peace, and Bourgeois Morality

To justify its horrific crimes in Gaza, the Israeli state, with the complicity of Western imperialists, tries to present itself as the guardian of superior moral values in the face of Palestinian “barbarism.”

The Land Offensive Begins in Gaza: But What Next?

After much prevarication, the Israeli army started ground operations in Gaza over the weekend. But it was not a full-scale invasion. So what are Netanyahu and his generals preparing for?

Zionism and Capitalism: Hands Off Our Universities!

Powerful capitalists with investments in higher education are pressuring university administrations to impose harsh disciplinary measures on pro-Palestinian campus activists.

The Nightmare of a Gaza Land Invasion and Its Consequences

As Israel prepares its forces for a land invasion of Gaza, all the western imperialist leaders, from Biden to Sunak, Scholz, and Macron, are getting very nervous.