Rafah Onslaught: The Spark That Could Set the Middle East Alight

Netanyahu is taking his war to another level. His actions threaten to destabilize the whole of the Middle East.

The Pentagon Leaks: Utter Humiliation for US Imperialism

A major leak of highly sensitive intelligence lifts the lid on US involvement in the Ukraine War, the role of the Israeli secret services in fomenting mass protests against Netanyahu, and much more.

Israel: Netanyahu’s Judicial Reform Splits Establishment and Provokes Enormous Protests

Netanyahu is determined to force judicial reforms through Israel’s Knesset, enraging the majority of the big capitalists, who have taken the unusual step of backing the mobilization of enormous crowds on the streets.

Palestinian Journalist Murdered by Israel: This Is a War Crime!

The cold-blooded murder of Palestinian reporter Shireen Abu Akleh further exposes the brutality of the Israeli state, and lays bare the repulsive hypocrisy of its imperialist allies.

[Audio] Israel, Palestine, and the Socialist Solution

The oppression of the Palestinian people has dragged on for so long, that many ask: is there any solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict? In our latest podcast episode, Fred Weston presents a Marxist perspective for […]

Assassination of Palestinian Activist Sparks Outburst of Anger

In the last few days, an outburst of anger has rippled through the West Bank following the brutal murder of the activist and outspoken critic of Abbas and the PA, Nizar Banat.

Israel: New Government, Same Rotten Politics

The Knesset has narrowly elected a new government—ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s racist, bloody, and corrupt 12-year rule. However, the new government is anything but progressive. The change reflects a deepening crisis within the Israeli ruling class.

Dockworkers in South Africa Protest Offloading of Israeli ship: “An Injury to One is the Concern of All”

Dockworkers in South Africa have refused to handle cargo from an Israeli ship, in protest against Israel’s bombardment of the besieged Gaza strip.

What Lies Behind Israel’s Attempts to Sabotage a New Iran Nuclear Deal?

The explosion caused by Israeli forces in an Iranian uranium enrichment facility last month was aimed at sabotaging a new nuclear deal between Iran and US imperialism.

Israel: Overthrow Netanyahu and the Whole Capitalist System!

A supporter of the IMT in Israel provides a report on the ongoing anti-Netanyahu protests, which have been fueled by the pandemic and the economic crisis.

Netanyahu’s Jewish Nation State Law: Enshrining Discrimination in Israel’s Constitution

Netanyahu’s new law gives a green light to the further colonization of Palestinian lands.

Imperialists Celebrate 70 Years of Israel with a Bloodbath

The mass resistance of tens of thousands of Palestinian workers and youth is yet again exposing the brutality of the Israeli state.