Marx on the Indian Revolt, the Violence of the Oppressed, and Imperialist Hypocrisy

In a few lines, Marx skewers the hypocrisy of respectable English society reeling at the violence of Indian rebels; the product of decades of oppression. His words bear great relevance today given events in Israel-Palestine.

March/April Featured Selection from "The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism"

For the next two months we will delve into two of the most famous works by Friedrich Engels: “Anti-Dühring” and “Dialectics of Nature.”

Foreword to "The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism"

Anyone who wishes to have a fully rounded understanding of Marxism must strive to master his dialectical materialist method.

January/February Featured Selection from "The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism"

These readings provide an overview of the origins and genesis of dialectical materialism.

170 Years of the Communist Manifesto

On the 170th anniversary of the Manifesto, and 200 years since Marx’s birth, the document is more relevant than ever for new generations of revolutionary socialists.