“Barbaric” Russia and the “Civilized” West

Despite their cynical veneer of sympathy, the rulers of Britain and the US are no friends of the Ukrainian people, whom they see as mere geopolitical pawns.

Top Reads on the Ukraine Conflict, War, and Imperialism

This three part reading list gives vital background to the Ukrainian situation from the crisis today back to the 2014 Maidan movement and earlier.

The Ukrainian Conflict: Is This the Start of World War III?

Since Russia’s invasion, a barrage of propaganda has been pumped out by the Western media, contributing to an atmosphere of utter hysteria.

IMT Statement on the Ukrainian War: An Internationalist Class Position

A statement drafted by the leadership of the IMT, putting forward an internationalist class position on the Ukrainian War.

The Crimes of Imperialism and the War in Ukraine

The war is a stark reminder of the sharp and sudden changes in this epoch of capitalist crisis, coinciding with the relative decline of US imperialism.

Imperialist Hypocrisy and the Invasion of Ukraine

Russian forces have unleashed a massive attack on Ukraine. It’s the task of the Russian working class to deal with Putin. Our fight is against imperialism, NATO, and our own reactionary government.

No to war with Ukraine! Against Military Intervention!

The Marxist Tendency in Russia denounce the invasion of Ukraine that began in the early hours of today. Against military intervention! Against chauvinism! No war between the peoples!

The Real Role and History of NATO: A Reply to Keir Starmer

NATO was founded in 1949 not as an instrument of peace, but as a weapon to fight the Cold War. It has remained a weapon ever since.

Statement on Putin’s Recognition of the DPR and LPR

A statement by the Marxist Tendency in Russia, along with Marxists in Ukraine and the Donbas, opposing the inter-imperialist conflict.

Gas Pipelines and Talk of War in Ukraine: The Zelensky Regime in 2022

While the government in Kiev hails the heroism of the protesters in Kazakhstan, the same conditions that led to those protests exist at home.