A New Heyday for American Communism

The communists are no longer a handful of individuals huddled together in the political wilderness. It’s taken nearly a century, but communism is making a comeback.

RCA Comrade Could Face 90 Days in Jail for Giving Leaflets to Coworkers

On June 10, RCA comrade Milos Minos will appear in court for an unusual crime: discussing wages and working conditions with their own coworkers at the Minneapolis International Airport.

What We Can Learn from the Last Time America Had 100,000 Communists

The last great radicalization of American workers gives us an idea of what’s in store for today’s communist movement.

How Marxists Are Formed

If we are to achieve the full-scale rebirth of Bolshevism on American soil, we must comprehend the full meaning of its founding watchword: “Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.”

A Manifesto for America’s Communist Generation

History is calling upon our generation to step forward and fight for the overthrow of capitalism. The Revolutionary Communists of America are its organized wing.

A Fighting Program for the Revolutionary Communists of America

The RCA is a party of class fighters committed to the complete overthrow of capitalism. We fight for a world of material superabundance and reject the artificial scarcity of a system based on the pursuit […]

May Day 2024: The Communists Are Coming!

Across the world, communists were on the streets for International Workers’ Day offering a revolutionary alternative to the tepid offering from the “official” reformist leaders.

An Open Letter to Members of the Communist Party USA

The starting point for those seeking a communist party worthy of the name is simple: Back to Marx! Back to Lenin!

Communists Launch Largest Recruitment Drive since World War II

Communists across America held marches, rallies, meetings, and recruitment stalls on Saturday, April 6 to launch the largest communist recruitment drive since World War II.