Arizona Communists Say: Hands off our Campuses! United Action Needed to Defend Palestine Solidarity Movement!

As is happening around the world, Palestine solidarity activists are facing intimidation in Arizona. The communists of the IMT demand united action to defend the movement!

British State Clamps Down on Palestine Solidarity: Support the Communist Fightback!

Comrades of Socialist Appeal, the British section of the International Marxist Tendency, have been targeted by the police for waging a determined campaign to build solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The Ruling Class Attacks Our Swiss Comrades for Defending Palestine!

The main bourgeois media outlets in Switzerland—20 Minuten, Tagesanzeiger, NZZ, Weltwoche—have launched a witch hunt against the communists. They are targeting us because we are organizing in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

UE Workers Continue the Battle against the Wabtec Bosses

UE Locals 506 and 618 have been on strike since June 22. Close to 1,000 UE workers and supporters rallied to show their solidarity.

Supreme Court Approves Assault on Communist Party of Venezuela

Lucha de Clases expresses its firm opposition to the recent attack on the Communist Party of Venezuela. Our answer will be more struggle and organization!

Freedom for Boris Kagarlitsky: Mobilize International Solidarity!

The arrest of Boris Kagarlitsky is a threat and a warning to any left and Communist forces in opposition to the reactionary Putin regime.

Russia: Who Is Boris Kagarlitsky and Why Is He Being Prosecuted?

Boris Kagarlitsky, one of the most prominent left-wing sociologists in Russia, was arrested on “justification of terrorism” charges. The Organization of Communist-Internationalists (the Russian section of the IMT) calls for freedom for Kagarlitsky.

IMT vs TPUSA: Help Fund the Forces of American Marxism!

TPUSA sent an “undercover agent” to “infiltrate” our public Marxist School. Despite the efforts of these billionaire-funded reactionary trolls, Marxism is on the rise. Donate now to fund the forces of revolutionary socialism in the […]

Basque Country: Solidarity with Mugimendu Sozialista!

The International Marxist Tendency expresses its solidarity with the comrades of Mugimendu Sozialista, who have been facing a prolonged campaign of harassment and intimidation from social democratic organizations.

Donate to Help Build the Forces of Marxism!

We are experiencing the deepest crisis in the history of capitalism. Millions of workers and youth are looking for revolutionary ideas—we need your help to reach them.

Solidarity with Irish Climate Activists on Trial!

Orla Murphy and Zac Lumley face up to a year in prison for the “crime” of protesting against the Irish government’s inaction in the face of climate change.

Shut Down Ontario! Open Letter Calls for ONDP and Labor Leaders to Organize Mass Work Refusals

In Ontario, Canada, the Ford government and big business have let thousands of workers contract the virus in unsafe workplaces. In response, a movement calling for mass work refusals has sprung up in the province.