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We are living through the convulsions of the deepest crisis in the history of capitalism, with one unprecedented event following another. While many are hoping for a return to normal after the pandemic, the “new normal” of capitalism is the old normal—instability, polarization, and crisis.

The beginning of the 2020s saw a world on fire—mass movements and revolutions spreading around the globe. In the US, we saw the largest mass movement in history sparked by the brutal police murder of George Floyd. The growing militancy and radicalization has continued through strikes, unionization efforts, and mass venting of frustrations in online forums like r/antiwork.

The giant of the US working class is reawakening and we can be sure that even greater battles lie ahead—but in order to win, these struggles must be equipped with ideas and a program for the transformation of society. The revolutionary ideas of Marxism are the hard-won product of centuries of class struggle distilled into a theoretical guide to action. The mission of the IMT is to raise these ideas and arm the working class with a program for victory.

Around the world our comrades are raising the banner of socialism and building up the revolutionary tendency in over 40 countries. Our current international office will not sustain further growth. We need to expand into our own premises, that no landlord can take away, in order to coordinate our work globally, provide analysis of current events, and continue to publish new and classic works of revolutionary theory.

Millions of workers and youth are looking for revolutionary ideas, but we need your help to reach them. Please support our ideas with a one-time donation in any amount, or consider making a monthly sympathizer donation of $20, $50, $100 or more. Better yet, become a member of the IMT and join us in the fight for a better world. Every dollar will help us lay a brick in the foundations of the headquarters of the world revolution.

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