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400 Years Since the Death of Shakespeare: A Revolutionary in Literature—Part Three

The age of Shakespeare was also the age of Machiavelli—the Italian philosopher who first explained that the conquest and maintenance of political power has nothing to do with morality.

The Trump-Clinton TV Debate: Bread and Circuses

Yesterday’s US presidential debate was the modern equivalent of the kind of circus that served as a spectacle to divert the attention of the masses from their miserable conditions of existence.

400 Years Since the Death of Shakespeare: A Revolutionary in Literature—Part Two

The England of Shakespeare, like the Spain of Cervantes, was in the throes of a great social and economic revolution.

400 Years Since the Death of Shakespeare: A Revolutionary in Literature—Part One

Shakespeare transformed English literature, reaching heights that before were unheard of and which have not been reached subsequently.

[Video] Alan Woods on Leon Trotsky’s “Stalin”

Alan explains the background to Trotsky’s masterpiece, which provides an analysis of the degeneration of the Soviet Union from a democratic workers’ state into the Stalinist bureaucratic regime.

42 Years Since the Portuguese Revolution

Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the Portuguese Revolution. On this occasion we recommend the following analysis, written by Alan Woods in 1974.

Iran, Ireland, and the US—The Lessons of Three Elections

In the last few days we have witnessed at least three elections, all of which bear witness to highly significant processes that are now moving with great speed. When the same—or very similar—processes repeat themselves […]

Marx’s Revolution in Philosophy—Reflections on the Theses on Feuerbach

We republish here for our organization-wide reading a summary of Marx’s contribution to philosophy by Alan Woods.

2016: A World on Edge

“Out with the Old. In with the New.” That was always the encouraging message of New Year. But amidst all the parties and the popping of champagne bottles, there was no sign of any optimism […]

On Kautsky’s “Foundations of Christianity”

An at-length study of biblical history by Alan Woods. Religion is not the motor force of history, but great social changes are expressed through changes in religion.

The Turkish Provocation: Will it Lead to War?

This morning the Turkish military shot down a Russian military aircraft on the border with Syria. It is unclear so far whether it was ground fire or Turkish jets that brought down the Russian plane. […]

The Paris Massacre: Dynamite in the Foundations

Last Friday, Paris was the scene of mass slaughter in which at least one hundred and twenty-nine people, mostly young kids enjoying themselves in cafes and a rock concert, were shot down in cold blood.

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