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Class Struggle Unionism: Reviving the Labor Movement

In his new book, veteran labor activist Joe Burns addresses what kinds of changes to the structure, strategies, and leadership of the labor unions will be needed in order to drive through the renewal in […]

The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism—a Review

Mastering this philosophical method is an essential task for those who want to win the fight for socialism—this task has been made a little easier by the new anthology.

Boston Masses Shut Down Racists

Between the puny numbers of racists and the tens of thousands who showed up to denounce them in Boston on August 19, the balance of forces between fascism and the working class is overwhelmingly in […]

Clinton Now the Clear Ruling-Class Favorite

Hillary Clinton is the favorite of the decisive sectors of bankers, industrialists, military brass, the conservative trade union leaders, and even key leaders of the Republican Party itself.

Mass Protests Against Police Violence Sweep the US

A grassroots upsurge has swept the US over the past few weeks, its sudden eruption marked by huge weekend marches on the East Coast and by smaller, broadly based protests across the length and breadth […]

Market Basket Workers Claim Victory

An air of open jubilation has seized Market Basket workers and their supporters as restocking of shelves throughout the 71-store New England grocery chain begins. A deal was reached August 27 under which ousted CEO Arthur T. Demoulas […]

Market Basket Strike Passes 1-month Mark

Boston, MA, August 20, 2014—Over 25,000 retail, warehouse, and transportation workers have paralyzed the operations of New England-based Market Basket supermarkets for more than a month now.  

The Life and Times of Pete Seeger (1919–2014)

We lost a spirited voice of the oppressed and exploited January 27, as Pete Seeger drew his last breath. Having reached the age of 94, Seeger had lived, fought, and sung through several tumultuous periods […]

La tragedia del maratón de Boston

Boston, 17 de abril 2013— Dos días más tarde, todavía aturdido por la horrible escena de dos bombas que dispersaron a las multitudes festivas que animaban a los corredores que cruzaban la línea de llegada […]

Tragedy at the Boston Marathon

Boston, April 17, 2013—Two days later, still stunned by the horrific scene of two bombs scattering the festive crowds cheering runners crossing the finish line of the 117thrunning of the Boston Marathon, residents of the […]

Youth Drop Out of Job Market

Hidden by the August 2012 drop in the official U.S. unemployment rate, is the reality that millions of workers are still jobless—three years after the “great recession” was declared ended. Among the hardest hit by […]

Book Review: Germany from Revolution to Counter-Revolution

Steve Iverson reviews the book, Germany: From Revolution to Counter-Revolution. Order your copy online from now for $8.99.