2019 Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus and the Crisis of Capitalism: Livestream Tomorrow 3PM ET

Fred Weston, editor of In Defence of Marxism, will discuss the ongoing coronavirus pandemic at 3PM ET tomorrow, Monday March 16. It can accessed via this Facebook event, and from the site’s YouTube channel.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has provoked a severe economic and social crisis. The stock markets have plummeted, panicked people are bulk-buying supplies, and governments are scrambling to respond. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has bluntly informed the population: “your loved ones will die.”

The virus is not the cause but merely the trigger for a calamity prepared in the last period of austerity and crisis. This pandemic is exposing the rottenness of the capitalist system worldwide and is preparing the way for a furious backlash from the masses, as Fred will explain.

Material on the coronavirus crisis:

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