China: Regime Relents on Lockdown in Face of Pressure from Below

Recent protests in China against the regime’s harsh COVID-19 lockdown measures have further exposed the instability of the capitalist regime.

[Video] World in Crisis

Fred Weston explains the fundamental driving factors of this crisis, how it is making life unbearable for working people, how it is transforming consciousness, and how it is preparing the ground for an era of […]

“Learning Loss” and the Crisis of Education

A recent report revealed strikingly regressive trends for children worldwide since 2020. The criminal capitalist mismanagement of the pandemic is to blame.

Capitalism’s Assault on Youth Mental Health

Last December, the US Surgeon General released a rare Official Advisory which painted a dismal picture of youth mental health. Capitalism’s continued existence is destroying the mental and physical wellbeing of millions.

Save Lives: Socialize Big Pharma!

For the capitalists, tackling the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is not a profitable investment.

After 2021’s Speculative Orgy, Here Comes the Hangover

Markets reacted to central banks pouring $10 trillion dollars in to the economy by engaging in speculation without precedent in capitalism’s history.

Canadian “Freedom Convoy”: A Warning to the Labor Movement

As the reactionary “Freedom Convoy” shows, the anti-establishment right can’t be fought with liberalism, only with a class-based left program.

NYC Food Delivery Bill: A Win for Delivery Workers?

Recent legislation promises “protections,” but the only thing that can guarantee decent living conditions for delivery workers is class struggle.

Pfizer’s Shameless Pandemic Profiteering

As vaccine nationalism and irrational capitalist competition put us at the mercy of a dangerous disease, pharmaceutical giants make a profit.

Europe: Capitalism Blames Its Mess on the Unvaccinated

Mass protests erupted across Europe as governments introduced coercive and discriminatory measures to contain a new wave of the pandemic.

Omicron Variant: A Menace of Capitalism’s Making

A worrying new variant of COVID-19 has emerged, an inevitable product of the reckless pursuit of short-term capitalist interests.

University of Minnesota Tuition Hike: Students Pay for the COVID Crisis

The 2020–21 school year placed a heavy burden on college students and faculty. Now, they are being made to pay for the crisis of capitalism.