Colombia: Gustavo Petro Wins First Round of the Presidential Election

Gustavo Petro led the first round of the Colombian presidential election with an astonishing 8.5 million votes. Three long weeks now loom for those fighting for change in Colombia.

The Regulator Movement: War Against Tyranny in Colonial North Carolina

In 1771, a band of poor frontier farmers in North Carolina fought a pitched battle against the forces of colonial governor William Tryon. This was the climax of a period of North Carolina history known […]

Canadian “Freedom Convoy”: A Warning to the Labor Movement

As the reactionary “Freedom Convoy” shows, the anti-establishment right can’t be fought with liberalism, only with a class-based left program.

Cuba Embargo Cartoon
60 Years of the Criminal US Imperialist Blockade Against the Cuban Revolution

On February 3, 1962, US President Kennedy imposed an embargo on all trade with Cuba. This marked the official beginning of a 60-year blockade, which has progressively been strengthened and tightened.

Venezuela: How did the PSUV Lose the Local Elections in Chávez’s Home State?

Sergio Garrido of the MUD—the pro-imperialist, coup-plotting opposition—defeated the PSUV candidate in the election for the governor of Barinas.

Fist in air solidarity
The Growth of Canadian Marxism: Fightback Magazine Goes Fortnightly!

As interest in Marxism grows across Canada, Fightback, the Canadian section of the IMT, has doubled the rate of publication of its newspaper.

General Strike in France’s Overseas Territories—Solidarity!

Strikes are taking place throughout French imperialism’s overseas territories. The IMT declares our solidarity with mobilizing workers!

Historic Election Victory in Honduras 12 Years after the Coup

Xiomara Castro’s victory in the Honduran elections signals the death knell of the National Party, which represented the continuity of the 2009 coup.

Red scarves Cuba defend revolution
Cuba: Reactionary Protests Flop as “Red Scarves” Rally to Defend Revolution

In Cuba this week, the red scarf movement emerged to organize defense of the revolution outside the official institutions of the bureaucracy.

Crisis in Ecuador: Corruption, Violence, and Tax Havens

On October 26, social and indigenous organizations, as well as workers’ unions in Ecuador protested against the economic policies of President Lasso.

Pedro Castillo Presidencia Perú Flickr
Government Crisis in Peru Reveals Castillo’s Rightward Shift

Under pressure from the Peruvian bourgeois and the representatives of the multinationals, Pedro Castillo’s government is moving to the right.

500 Years After the Fall of Mexico-Tenochtitlán: A Marxist Perspective

500 years ago the Spanish invaders captured the last Aztec ruler, marking the fall of Mexico-Tenochtitlán. This was one of the starting points of capitalist globalization.