British Communist Fiona Lali’s Revolutionary Program for Upcoming UK Election

British communist Fiona Lali is running in the upcoming UK election with a program that links the imperialist slaughter in Gaza to the austerity and attacks facing workers and youth in Britain.

Save Port Talbot: Communists Hit the Streets in Britain!

Tata’s decision to close its Port Talbot steelworks will devastate the town. British communists have launched a campaign for workers to get organized, occupy the plant, and demand its full nationalization.

Britain’s Revolution Festival 2023: The Communists Are Coming!

This year’s Revolution Festival in Britain was an event like none other. 1,000 communists from across the world gathered for an inspiring, historic event, energized by the momentous next step: launching the Revolutionary Communist Party.

British State Clamps Down on Palestine Solidarity: Support the Communist Fightback!

Comrades of Socialist Appeal, the British section of the International Marxist Tendency, have been targeted by the police for waging a determined campaign to build solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Green Austerity and the Climate Culture War

Capitalist politicians are increasingly wrapping-up austerity measures in “green” packaging—provoking a backlash amongst ordinary people and polarizing the working class.

Pride Before the Fall: Crisis of the Capitalist Establishment

We are witnessing a profound crisis of legitimacy and moral decomposition of the entire capitalist system. Former US President Donald Trump’s latest legal drama is just one more in a ceaseless succession of establishment scandals.

Rising Discontent and Social Explosions in Britain: Riots or Revolution?

Riots in France and Wales reveal the explosive situation building up internationally and in Britain. Marxist leadership is needed to channel this anger towards revolution.

Inflation and Interest Rates: Ruling Class Prepares to Impose Pain

Recent data has caused alarm amongst the ruling class, suggesting that inflation has become entrenched. In response, central bankers are looking to provoke a slump in the hope of quelling price rises.

The Good Friday Agreement: A Quarter Century of Dashed Hopes

When the Good Friday Agreement was signed, the British and Irish government signatories were inebriated with their own “success.” But the sectarian divide can be buried only on the basis of common class struggle.

Socialist Appeal Congress 2023: Recruiting for Revolution!

From March 17–19, hundreds of revolutionaries from Socialist Appeal (the Marxist Tendency in Britain) met for their national conference. The mood was one of optimism, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Identity Politics: The Ruling Class’s Favored Weapon against the Left

Promoted by some activists as a means of combating oppression, identity politics is increasingly being used by the establishment to attack the left and the labor movement. Workers and youth must fight back with revolutionary […]

Britain: Half-a-Million Workers Strike in Huge “Day of Action”

On February 1, half-a-million workers across Britain were out on strike. It was the biggest day of coordinated strike action in over a decade.