Britain: The Corbyn Surge Begins—We Can Win!

This general election is going to mark a fundamental turning point in Britain. It will have colossal ramifications internationally.

Britain Heads for a General Election: Mobilize for a Corbyn Victory!

In just a few days as PM, Boris Johnson managed to lose his majority and rack up two defeats in the House of Commons. This demonstrate the weakness of the Tory regime.

Britain: Boris Out! Corbyn In!

Yesterday, Boris Johnson became the latest Prime Minister of Britain. His premiership will be characterized by deep crises and intense class struggle.

Britain: Uber Drivers’ Victory Strikes Blow Against Gig Economy

Technology at society’s fingertips has become yet another tool for the exploitation of the working class.

Britain: Blairites’ Worries Grow as Corbyn Campaign Gathers Momentum

To the shock and surprise of mainstream political commentators, Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing Labour MP, has emerged as the clear winner in the first televised Labour leadership hustings.

Britain: Ruling Class Announces Latest Attacks on Workers and the Unemployed

On May 27, the Queen of England announced, on behalf of the new Tory government, the latest vicious attacks on workers, youth, and the poor that can be expected in the coming period: a raft […]

Britain: Four Shades of Blairism—The Travesty of the Labour Leadership Contest

The “ideas” and policies on offer in the Labour leadership election are as empty as the corn silos of capitalism are bare, and there is zero prospect of anything of substance emerging from it.

Explosive Situation Developing—Where is Britain Heading?

There is no calm in Britain—a feeling of anger, bitterness and disillusionment exists everywhere. While in Scotland it found an expression in support for the SNP, it found no outlet in England and Wales. It […]

Britain: The Prince and the Pedophile—it's Time to Overthrow this Rotten Establishment

The scandal enveloping Prince Andrew—following allegations in a US law court that he may have been gifted an underage girl for sex by his pedophile friend, Jeffrey Epstein—has shone an unwelcome spotlight on the festering […]

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