Italy: Neo-Nazi Terror Cell Linked to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion

A police investigation has revealed links between a neo-Nazi terrorist cell plotting attacks in Italy and fascist groups in Ukraine, including the notorious Azov battalion.

Italian Elections: Why Did the Right Wing Win, and What Does it Prepare?

Faced with a huge right-wing majority in parliament, the Italian masses will turn to strikes and street protests. In these conditions, the Marxists are dedicating their energies to building the forces of revolution.

Italy: Electoral Swamp and Coming Class Struggle

While panic abounds about the inevitable victory of a right-wing coalition in the upcoming Italian election, workers and youth have few illusions that a change at the top will improve their situation.

Italy: Battles in the Third International

This article explores the political debates between the leadership of the Comintern and the leaders of its Italian section.

Italy: October 16 Protest in Rome—A Massive Response to Fascist Provocation

Over 200,000 protested on the streets of Rome in response to a fascist attack on CGIL headquarters. Only class struggle can defeat fascism.

Italy Amazon Strike Shows Potential for Workers’ Fightback

IMT comrades in Italy send us this exciting report of a nationwide strike of Amazon workers on March 22. These workers also sent a message of solidarity to the brothers and sisters in Bessemer, Alabama.

Europe’s COVID-19 Second Wave: Criminal Capitalist Negligence

A second wave of COVID-19 is ravaging Europe. This was not inevitable, but a deadly consequence of governments prioritizing the wealth of the capitalists over the health of the population.

Lesser Evilism in Italy: How It Destroyed the Left

The Italian left wrecked itself on the rocks of “lesser evilism” starting in the 1970s. With the US 2020 election underway and huge pressure on the left to vote for Biden, we can draw important […]

The Lessons of the Italian Coronavirus Crisis for the Workers of the World

The coronavirus crisis in Italy has brought out the real nature of capitalism. Profit is being placed before lives, but the working class is reacting with militant strike action. What lessons can be drawn for […]

Italy: The Coronavirus Epidemic Is an Emergency, but Capitalism Is the Real Disaster

The coronavirus crisis in Italy is the most severe of Europe. This shows the chronic failures of the government, whose response has been totally inadequate.

Coronavirus in Italy—Indiscriminate Measures and Fearmongering

Rather than inform the public and protect public health, the Italian government enacted inefficient measures, caused panic, and suppressed the labor movement.

Million-Strong Workers’ Demonstration in Rome: the End of Renzi’s Honeymoon

Up to a million took part in the national demonstration called by the CGIL on October 25. It was one of the biggest demonstrations in the history of the Italian trade unions, marking a turning […]