Why Divestment Can’t End the Genocidal Slaughter in Gaza

We can certainly sympathize with the healthy instinct to “do something” to undermine the Israeli state. However, divestment suffers from a fatal flaw: it accepts the limits of capitalism as a given.

Arizona State House Prepares Attack on Palestine Solidarity

A new attack is being prepared by the Arizona House of Representatives. The workers’ movement must unite and fight back with mass political action!

Argentina: Hundreds of Thousands on the Streets in Nationwide Strike against Milei’s Shock Plan

1.5 million people marched in Argentina to reject Javier Milei’s Necessity and Urgency Decree, which represents an all-out assault on workers’ rights and conditions.

Bangladesh: Garment Workers Show the Way Forward

Bangladesh, the eighth most populous country in the world, is being rocked by political and social upheaval. Opposition leaders have been arrested. Tens of thousands have clashed in the streets with police.

Zionism and Capitalism: Hands Off Our Universities!

Powerful capitalists with investments in higher education are pressuring university administrations to impose harsh disciplinary measures on pro-Palestinian campus activists.

The World in 2023: Crisis, War, and Revolution

This document was passed at the 2023 IMT World Congress, outlining our analysis of the main trends shaping world politics and the class struggle in this dramatic period of capitalism’s death agony.

Rising Discontent and Social Explosions in Britain: Riots or Revolution?

Riots in France and Wales reveal the explosive situation building up internationally and in Britain. Marxist leadership is needed to channel this anger towards revolution.

From the “Indignados” to the Death of Podemos: Prepare for a New Revolutionary Cycle in Spain!

In 2011, a tremendous movement erupted across Spain: the indignados. Within a few years, it found a political expression in Podemos. But the upcoming elections are set to confirm the terminal decline of this party.

Alphabet Boys Revelations: How the FBI Infiltrated and Undermined Black Lives Matter

For years, it was alleged that state infiltrators had a hand in undermining the BLM movement. However, there was little irrefutable evidence—until now.

Argentina: Jujuy Rising a Prelude to an Outbreak of Class Struggle

The last few weeks in Argentina have seen an increase in the struggle of workers, particularly teachers and healthcare workers. This movement has reached the most acute proportions in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy.

Latin America’s Second “Progressive Wave”: First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

Recent elections have led to increased noise in both the media and left-wing circles about a second “pink tide” in Latin America. It is necessary to examine the character of that first wave and the […]

German Mega-Strike: A Turning Point for the Working Class

Germany was shaken by its largest strike in 30 years. This “mega-strike,” organized by two of the country’s biggest unions, brought the German transport system to a complete standstill.