COVID Clampdowns: Defend Civil Liberties!

Capitalist governments around the world are making the most of the COVID-19 pandemic to criminalize protest and to clamp down on dissent. The workers’ organizations must fight back!

Myanmar: For an Armed Workers’ Uprising to Bring Down the Military Junta

A revolution is underway in Myanmar and the masses are showing immense courage. An armed workers’ uprising and an all-out, continuous general strike must be organized to topple the murderous junta!

Insurrectionary Anger Erupts in Senegal

Over the last few days, a social eruption has shaken Senegal. The movement, emerging apparently from nowhere, has quickly gained insurrectionary features.

Myanmar: What Is to Be Done?

A powerful show of anger and opposition to the military coup was evident on the streets of cities across Myanmar on February 22, as a general strike paralyzed the country.

Protests Spread across Spanish State Following Arrest of Pablo Hasél

The jailing of communist rapper Pablo Hasél has unleashed a groundswell of anger across Catalonia and Spain, with mass demonstrations that have been met with vicious repression at the hands of the state.

Myanmar: a Movement of Revolutionary Proportions

The coup in Myanmar has unleashed a movement of revolutionary proportions, with a widespread strike and protest movement. The military junta clearly underestimated the level of opposition they would face.

Tunisia: Biggest Protest in Years amidst Increased State Repression

On February 6, thousands of protesters took to the streets in Tunis, chanting the slogan “the people want the fall of the regime” against the Islamist Ennahdha party, of the government coalition.

Winter of Russian Discontent Begins

Only a month into 2021, the social crisis in Russia has reached new levels. Mass protests against the Putin regime across the country were heavily repressed, with nearly 6,000 people arrested in 84 cities across […]

Russia: Masses on the Streets

Big protests broke out in Russia in response to the arrest of oppositionist Alexei Navalny. While we have no illusions in liberals like Navalny, our comrades protested against Putin’s political repression and raised a Marxist […]

250 Million Workers Strike in India

On November 26, nearly 250 million workers participated in a strike in urban and rural areas all over India. The strike, called by the ten main trade unions, was the fifth in the six years […]

Political Crisis and Class Struggle in Peru

Events are moving very fast in Peru. On November 9, the president Martin Vizcarra was removed from office. Now, the new Merino government has fallen under the pressure of the mass movement unleashed in recent […]

Lessons of Nigeria’s October 2020 Youth Protest

This article highlights some of the key lessons we can draw from the youth movements that erupted in Nigeria.