California: Catastrophe Layered Upon Catastrophe

Amidst the new normal of pandemic and economic collapse, Californians are experiencing yet another one of the catastrophic consequences of capitalism: wildfire season.

Seven Years Since Hurricane Katrina

Seven years ago today, hurricane Katrina crashed into the US Gulf Coast. Seven years later, devastation, poverty, racism, and exploitation continue to hammer the workers of Louisiana.

One Year Since Katrina: the Disaster Continues

Exactly one year ago, Hurricane Katrina swept away levees, homes, communities, memories, and 1,577 lives. Katrina and its aftermath also swept away the illusions of millions in the US and around the world.

The New Orleans Disaster: the Real Face of “Capitalism of the 21st Century”

As disaster hits Texas, we republish our article on Katrina, which struck exactly 12 years ago.