The Greater Evil of American Politics

Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 7: “For or against” a decisive break from the party of the Clintons, Obamas, and Pelosis is a litmus test and line in the sand for the left.

Obama’s Visit to Cuba: A Spoonful of Sugar

The US embargo and constant imperialist aggression for over 55 years against Cuba have failed in the aim of destabilizing the Cuban government.

The Fraud of Obama’s Immigration “Reform”

Millions of US immigrants, their families, co-workers, friends, and supporters had their hopes for relief from their difficult conditions built up by advance hype for President Obama’s November 20 speech on immigration policy reform. All such hopes […]

Election 2012: The More Things Stay the Same, the More They Change

$6 billion and over a year of campaigning later, and it would appear that the status quo remains. Obama is still the president; the Democrats control the Senate; and the Republicans control the House of […]

Welcome to Obamaville: Homelessness and the Crisis of Capitalism

In an uncharacteristic break from the focus on “Obamamania,” the mainstream media recently cast a cautious spotlight on the plight of America's “newly homeless” and a phenomenon that should send a chill through anyone even […]

Obama’s Election and the Working Class

Obama says he offers “a new kind of politics,” but for Marxists, it’s not the color of the President’s skin that determines our attitude. On all fundamentals, he represents the same interests as Bush and […]

US elections: Welcome to the “School of the Democrats”

The U.S. has elected a new president, Barack Obama. Along with the dramatic turn in the economic situation, this marks a definite turning point in the history of the country and of the world.