Whither France?

Written in 1934, in these pages Leon Trotsky explains to the advanced workers the fate of the French working class and exploited peasantry, amidst the threat of fascism.

Workshop Talks: Socialism Made Easy

This pamphlet by James Connolly has introduced millions of workers to the basic ideas of socialism. We are publishing it so that the working class and youth of today can continue to profit from its […]

Workers’ Control and Nationalization

What would workers’ control of industry look like, and why is nationalization and democratic central planning of the key levers of the economy so important?

Marxism and the State

The fundamental essence of every state, with its “armed bodies of men,” police, courts and other trappings is that it serves the interests of the ruling class in society—in the case of capitalism, the capitalist […]

The Impending Catastrophe and How to Combat It

As the economic, social, political, and military crises deepened in the autumn of 1917, Lenin outlined a series of transitional demands, arguing that the socialist transformation of society was the only way out.

Spain’s Revolution Against Franco: the Great Betrayal

A revolutionary movement of the working class defeated the Franco regime in Spain—and it could have gone further but for the betrayals of the workers’ leadership.

Marxism and Reformism

In this polemic, Lenin sharply criticizes those who blur the class question by rejecting reformism in words while being reformists in practice. We publish the piece as our first organization-wide reading for 2020.

November/December Featured Selection from “The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism”

In the following writings, Trotsky delves into the relationship between socialism and scientific progress.

September/October Featured Selection from “The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism”

For the next two months we will delve into Trotsky’s polemic writings from “In Defense of Marxism.”

July/August Featured Selection from “The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism”

The next two months we will discuss excerpts from the “German Ideology” and Marx’s writings on England and materialist philosophy.

May/June Featured Selection from “The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism”

The next two months we will read and discuss excerpts from Lenin’s and Trotsky’s philosophical notebooks.

If America Should Go Communist

We republish here for our organization-wide reading a short article from 1934 by Leon Trotsky discussing perspectives for the quick development of socialism in the United States. While this article is quite old, it is […]