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Not one stone upon another will be left of the illusions of the bourgeois and their reformist hangers-on. In one country after another, revolutionary possibilities will open up before us.

International Marxist University: 6,000 Registered with Three Days to Go!

The International Marxist University begins in just three days, with over 6,000 people signed up so far from an incredible 133 countries, all looking for the ideas needed to put an end to this decaying, […]

Ten Days until the International Marxist University Opens Its Doors!

Just over a week from now, on July 23, thousands of people from 127 countries (and rising) will come together to join the International Marxist University.

International Marxist University 2022: 3,000 Signed Up and One Month to Go!

With exactly one month to go, 3,000 people from no less than 110 countries have now registered for the International Marxist University. Register now!

International Marxist University 2022: 1,800 Registered in 100 countries!

The biggest international gathering of Marxists this year is fast approaching! We are proud to announce that over 1,800 people from an incredible 100 countries have now registered.

International Marxist University 2022: Timetable Finalized, Book Now!

Don’t miss the biggest international Marxist event of the year: the International Marxist University 2022 from July 23 to 26. The theme of the university is the three component parts of Marxism.

In 1920, Britain Came Close to Revolution

British workers struck in solidarity with the Russian Revolution in 1920. In this article, we explain the revolutionary potential displayed in those events, the errors of their leadership, and the lessons of these experiences for […]

Montreal Marxist Winter School—Starting this Saturday!

With a few days to go before the School starts, there are already over 900 people registered! If you haven’t registered yet, do it now!

The Russian Revolution as Never Seen Before: Eyewitness Account

104 years ago, the Russian working class seized power. To celebrate the anniversary, we are excited to publish this exclusive eye-witness account of revolutionary Russia in 1920.

The Class, the Party, and the Leadership: How to Organize Revolution

Capitalism should long ago have been overthrown by the working class. Why hasn’t it? The key to answering this question lies in the role of leadership and of the revolutionary party.

The Paris Commune: Triumph, Tragedy, and Lessons for Today

This introduction provides the historical background and context necessary for all interested readers to follow Marx’s analysis of the Paris Commune.

The Paris Commune (1871)

This article provides an overview of the Paris Commune: its heroic rise, its tragic fall, and its lessons for revolutionaries today.