A New Heyday for American Communism

The communists are no longer a handful of individuals huddled together in the political wilderness. It’s taken nearly a century, but communism is making a comeback.

What We Can Learn from the Last Time America Had 100,000 Communists

The last great radicalization of American workers gives us an idea of what’s in store for today’s communist movement.

Do Communists Favor Violence?

Across the globe, capitalism is spilling oceans of blood. And yet, capitalist media outlets profess to be horrified when we say the working class has the right to defend itself.

An Open Letter to Members of the Communist Party USA

The starting point for those seeking a communist party worthy of the name is simple: Back to Marx! Back to Lenin!

[Audio] Why We Need a Communist International!

This week’s episode of the Spectre of Communism podcast welcomes Fred Weston to explain the historic, revolutionary importance of the Communist International.

The Crushing of the Kronstadt Rebellion: A Tragic Necessity

On March 2, 1921, sailors in Kronstadt took up arms against the young Soviet government. The tale of the short-lived rebellion has been told and retold with little concern for facts and serious analysis.

China vs. India in the 20th Century: Why We Need a Planned Economy

Despite its bureaucratic deformations, the Chinese Revolution offers a glimpse of what a planned economy can achieve once the American working class takes power.

How Revolutions Split the Armed Forces

Although there are different obstacles to overcome, organizing among soldiers is not fundamentally different from organizing among workers. In times of intense crisis, especially during wars, they will feel the pressure more than the rest […]

Lenin: 100 Years On

January 21, 2024, marks the centenary of the death of Vladimir Lenin. He was without doubt one of the greatest revolutionaries who ever lived.

In Defence of Lenin: New Biography Available for Pre-Order Now!

In 2024, the International Marxist Tendency will celebrate Lenin’s life, legacy, and works with a series of events and publications, foremost among them a brand new biography, In Defence of Lenin, available now to pre-order!

Did Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions Overthrow the Apartheid Regime in South Africa?

Many earnest people in the West look to the BDS campaign as a “practical” way to show solidarity with Palestine. Its activists often point to the example of the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

A Clean Banner: Trotskyists Opposed the 1948 Partition of Palestine

In 1947, the Revolutionary Communist Party denounced the criminal designs behind the imperialist plan for the partition of Palestine. Today, the communists of the IMT inherit the proud traditions of our predecessor organization.