From Emancipation to Criminalization: Stalinist Persecution of Homosexuals from 1934

The October revolution was a leap forward for LGBTQ liberation. But in March 1934, Stalin re-criminalized homosexuality across the whole of the Soviet Union.

How British Spies Helped Destroy the Indonesian Communist Party

British intelligence played a key role in the lead up to the slaughter of up to two million members and supporters of the Indonesian Communist Party.

Operation Barbarossa: When the Nazis Invaded the Soviet Union

On June 22, 1941, the Nazis unleashed the largest invasion yet visited on the people of the Soviet Union. The Soviet people were responsible for the victory over Hitler, but the same credit does not […]

Zinoviev and the Stalinist Degeneration of the Comintern

Just a few years after it entered the scene of history, the Comintern suffered a sudden, irreversible decline. How was all that potential squandered and turned into its opposite?

“Marxism-Leninism” and Imperialism

As for the liberation of imperialist-dominated countries, Mao had nothing but detrimental policies to offer.

Lessons of the Spanish Revolution

The Spanish Civil War, like any revolutionary period, was an acid test for political parties and tendencies. Despite its ultimate defeat by the counterrevolution, it holds rich lessons for socialists today.

The “Third Period” of the Comintern’s Mistakes

We republish here, for our summer 2014 organization-wide reading, an “under-the-radar” classic by Leon Trotsky. It includes a searing critique of the errors of Stalinism in theory, strategy, and tactics.

Bureaucratism or Workers’ Power

This important document provides an analysis of the nationalized planned economy that existed in the Soviet Union and other Stalinist regimes.

The LGBTQ Movement and the Fight for Equality (Part Two)

In part two, Tom Trottier analyzes the history of the LGBTQ movement and anti-sodomy laws in the United States, as well as gains made for LGBTQ people during the Bolshevik revolution and the later curtailment […]