Trump’s Conviction Shows Turmoil and Instability Are the New Normal

Donald Trump is now the first American president ever convicted of a felony—but the entire ruling class is criminal.

Trump, the Ruling Class, and the Crisis of the Regime

The entire regime of American capitalism is divided, and the era of relative political, economic, and social stability is over.

The 2024 Election Circus Starts in Iowa

The billionaire media says that 2024 will be a “historic election” that will shape the future of the country and the world. But the reality is that, whoever wins, the working class will be the […]

The 2024 Presidential Elections and the Coming Storm

Against a backdrop of crisis, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction, 2024 will likely see a rematch between the two least-liked presidential candidates in recent history.

Crisis of Regime Deepens as Government Shutdown Looms

The likelihood of a US government shutdown threatening the livelihood of millions of workers looms large as the crisis of the regime of capitalist rule deepens.

Will the “Stand-Up” Strike Lead Auto Workers to Victory?

The ongoing strike is a test for Shawn Fain and the UAW leaders. Can the “stand-up strike” tactic win it for them?

The Wisconsin Courts and the Crisis of Bourgeois Democracy

There is a profound crisis of the regime of bourgeois rule in the US. Recent events in Wisconsin provide yet another clear example.

In a City of Billionaires and Vacant Homes, Democrats Attack Immigrants

The Democratic mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, has launched a disgusting attack on immigrants. The communists say: an injury to one is an injury to all, no matter the nationality!

Trump’s Mugshot: More Turmoil and Instability on the Horizon

Donald Trump has made history once again. This time with his mugshot. While the liberals crow over this ignominy, the Donald has monetized it as he campaigns undeterred for a second term.

Landlord Terror Returns to Philadelphia

Tenants in Philadelphia once again face the prospect of being forced from their homes after a month-long eviction moratorium ended on August 21.

Wildfires Devastate Hawaii: Capitalism’s Latest Climate Horror

The inferno has been described as the deadliest natural disaster in the history of the state of Hawaii. But in fact, there was little natural about this tragedy.

Coup in Niger Reflects Tectonic Shifts in Africa

The detention of Niger’s president, Mohamed Bazoum, on July 26, followed by the announcement of military rule, has provoked an immediate escalation in tensions across the region.