Venezuela-Guyana Conflict over Essequibo: For an Internationalist Position!

The escalating conflict between Venezuela and Guyana over Essequibo has deeply reactionary implications for both peoples. It is imperative that communists adopt an internationalist position.

Supreme Court Approves Assault on Communist Party of Venezuela

Lucha de Clases expresses its firm opposition to the recent attack on the Communist Party of Venezuela. Our answer will be more struggle and organization!

Venezuela: Stop Maduro’s Attack on the Communist Party of Venezuela!

It is the duty of all revolutionaries—and even of consistent democrats—around the world to speak out against the assault on the Communist Party of Venezuela.

Venezuelan Gold Heist: British Imperialism Turns to Piracy

The High Court in London ruled that the Bank of England can withhold over $1 billion worth of gold reserves from the democratically-elected government of Venezuela. This is a plain and simple act of piracy.

Summit of the Americas Showcases Defiance of US Domination

The Summit of the Americas held in Los Angeles on June 6–10 was a compete disaster and showed the decreasing ability of the US to dominate its own backyard. 

Venezuela: How did the PSUV Lose the Local Elections in Chávez’s Home State?

Sergio Garrido of the MUD—the pro-imperialist, coup-plotting opposition—defeated the PSUV candidate in the election for the governor of Barinas.

Freedom for Jailed Workers in Venezuela!

As the Maduro government has attempted to make workers pay for the crisis, it has met the resistance of working-class activists with increasing state repression, arrests, and victimization.

Venezuela: People’s Revolutionary Alternative Launches Founding Congress Appeal

The Venezuelan People’s Revolutionary Alternative organized the public launch of its founding congress. This is an important step forward for the left-wing opposition to the anti-working class course taken by Maduro.

Venezuelan National Assembly Elections amidst Imperialist Meddling Marked by Low Turnout

The US and the EU had already announced in advance they would not recognize the results, but the Guaidó card is exhausted. The PSUV victory announces a deepening of its rightward political shift.

Workers’ Control and Nationalization

What would workers’ control of industry look like, and why is nationalization and democratic central planning of the key levers of the economy so important?

Hands Off Venezuela Condemns UK High Court Decision on Venezuelan Gold

We condemn the outrageous decision of the UK High Court to deny Venezuela access to its 31 tonnes of gold deposited at the Bank of England—this is daylight robbery!

Venezuela Foils Mercenary Incursion: Guaidó and Washington Responsible

In the early hours of Sunday May 3, Venezuelan police and armed forces foiled an attempt by armed men to kidnap Venezuelan officials and spark a military coup.