Kim Putin
US Imperialism Pushes Russia and North Korea into Each Other’s Arms

All the work towards a rapprochement between the Koreas in 2018 has been scrapped. And now, Russia has entered the scene as a significant player in the situation.

Trump Assassination Attempt: Capitalism Breeds Political Violence

The attempt by a 20-year-old gunman to assassinate Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally on Saturday has plunged American bourgeois democracy even deeper into crisis.

Trader Joe's grocery
Building Communist Cells at Trader Joe’s

With patience and persistence, you can build a communist cell in any workplace where there are young workers watching the state of the world.

Ruto Resorts to Deception, Maneuvers, and Provocation in Kenya

Officially, Ruto has killed the Finance Bill, but the regime still intends to deliver a pound of flesh to the IMF and the imperialists.

France elections 2024
French Elections: No Deals with the Right! All Out to Apply and Deepen the NFP Program!

After the surprise NPF victory in France, the focus of the struggle is no longer in the National Assembly, but in the streets, workplaces, and working-class neighborhoods.

I Met Another Communist on the Street and 30 Minutes Later, He Was an RCA Member

Millions of people feel a burning desire to finally do something about the state of the world. This country truly is ripe for a new heyday for communist politics.

Recession or “Vibecession”?

Economists are speaking of a “vibecession,” as if the suffering of workers is purely emotional. If only we studied economic statistics more closely, we would understand how great we have it!

Starmer’s Victory in Britain is a New Stage in the Unending Crisis

Keir Starmer’s Labour Party won a landslide victory in the UK election. But this new Labour government will be one of intense crises.

Bolivia Coup
What Happened in Bolivia on June 26?

The country with the highest number of military coups in history suffered yet another one last week. This chaotic and short-lived episode has deepened the crisis in Bolivia.

Dock workers PAME Greece International
Greek Dockers Block Ship Carrying Israeli Arms

The Union of Workers at the Port of Piraeus mobilized to stop the Israel-bound container ship MSC ALTAIR from docking at the Greek port.

Zombie and Gangster Face Off in Presidential Debate

Following the first presidential debate, one question is on the minds of millions of Americans: “How the hell are these our only options?”

Biden Ukraine rockets
America Is Playing with Fire in Ukraine

Support for the Ukrainian cause is collapsing, and US imperialism is more isolated in the world than at any time since the end of World War II.