Debt, Inflation, and the New American Normality

Trump is out, Biden is in, and a “normality” appears to be settling in across the country. While the apologists of capitalism predict a robust recovery, this new normality will be one of crisis and […]

The Billionaire Space Race: Egomania and Parasitism of Cosmic Proportions

In recent years, the “final frontier” has become an increasingly popular destination for private companies, with all manner of multi-billionaires pushing to expand their respective aerospace companies.

Assassination of Palestinian Activist Sparks Outburst of Anger

In the last few days, an outburst of anger has rippled through the West Bank following the brutal murder of the activist and outspoken critic of Abbas and the PA, Nizar Banat.

IDOM relaunch ad 1
In Defence of Marxism Magazine Relaunched: Arm Yourself with Revolutionary Theory!

The International Marxist Tendency proudly presents the relaunched In Defence of Marxism theoretical journal! The magazine will become available from July 16, but you can subscribe today!

Cuba Embargo Cartoon
Overwhelming UN Vote against Blockade of Cuba, which US will Ignore

The US blockade on Cuba is overwhelmingly opposed by the world’s nations. But also, the United Nations is, at best, a toothless talking shop.

Mass Boycott in the Iranian Election: Down with the Islamic Republic!

On June 18, the Islamic Republic of Iran held its presidential election, which was met by a widespread boycott by the masses.

The Myth of Joe Biden: 8 Lies Debunked

There are many illusions in Joe Biden, including on the left—but he is no friend of working people. In this article, we answer eight lies about “Uncle Joe”: the leading representative of US imperialism.

Lie Flat Meme in China
Lie Flat in China: Discontent Among the Youth Bursting to the Surface

Chinese youth have been expressing their frustration in increasingly open ways online, which shows that there is an even deeper reserve of anger among the Chinese general masses.

Defense of Moscow
Operation Barbarossa: When the Nazis Invaded the Soviet Union

On June 22, 1941, the Nazis unleashed the largest invasion yet visited on the people of the Soviet Union. The Soviet people were responsible for the victory over Hitler, but the same credit does not […]

Latin America: A Powder Keg About to Explode

In this transcript of a lead off from the recent Latin American IMT school, Jorge Martin analyzes the explosive situation in Latin America, where the masses are erupting in response to the pandemic and the […]

G7 Summit Airs West’s Dirty Laundry

The recent G7 meeting was heralded as a comeback for America and its allies to stifle the rise of China. Instead, the summit only confirmed the decline and disunity of Western imperialism.

Israel: New Government, Same Rotten Politics

The Knesset has narrowly elected a new government—ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s racist, bloody, and corrupt 12-year rule. However, the new government is anything but progressive. The change reflects a deepening crisis within the Israeli ruling class.