Rich Men North of Richmond: Country Hit Captures Rising Class Anger

The explosive popularity of Oliver Anthony’s country song, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” shows that the rising class consciousness and anger in the US isn’t limited to the millions of youth who consider communism their […]

Are You a Communist in the US? Then Get Organized!

Listen to our new podcast episode and attend communist events in the US! Are you looking to end capitalism once and for all? Are you a communist? Then get organized!

Trump’s Mugshot: More Turmoil and Instability on the Horizon

Donald Trump has made history once again. This time with his mugshot. While the liberals crow over this ignominy, the Donald has monetized it as he campaigns undeterred for a second term.

ULEZ Britain
Green Austerity and the Climate Culture War

Capitalist politicians are increasingly wrapping-up austerity measures in “green” packaging—provoking a backlash amongst ordinary people and polarizing the working class.

Who Killed Prigozhin?

The killing of Prigozhin shows that behind the appearance of solidity, Putin’s regime is inherently unstable. But the inevitable crowing of the US imperialists is entirely misplaced.

Capitalism’s Cancer Treatment Crisis

The US is facing a major shortage of drugs for cancer treatment due to the irrational anarchy of the market economy.

Ukraine’s Offensive Stalls: Are Negotiations on the Agenda?

Disaffection is spreading in the army and among civilians, while at the same time Ukraine’s western allies are getting cold feet and starting to talk about negotiations.

UE Workers Continue the Battle against the Wabtec Bosses

UE Locals 506 and 618 have been on strike since June 22. Close to 1,000 UE workers and supporters rallied to show their solidarity.

The Communists Are Here!

As the pace of history accelerates, humanity is approaching a decisive crossroads, and we must have a sense of urgency. Fortunately, the communists are not merely coming—we are already here!

World Perspectives 2023
The World in 2023: Crisis, War, and Revolution

This document was passed at the 2023 IMT World Congress, outlining our analysis of the main trends shaping world politics and the class struggle in this dramatic period of capitalism’s death agony.

NYC construction
Being the Communist on the Job Site: A Letter from a Construction Worker in NYC

I’m a unionized construction worker in New York City. I’m also a communist. You may not think the building trades are a hotbed of Marxist politics, but consciousness is changing!

World Perspectives 2023
[Video] Alan Woods on World Perspectives: Clear the Decks for Communism!

The world has reached a turning point: now is the time of revolutions and counterrevolutions. It has never been more important for communists to understand the economic and social processes happening all around us.