Why We Fight for Workers’ Control and Management

Workers’ control is the first step along the road to socialist planning based on the nationalization of the commanding heights of the economy.

French Elections: Resounding Rejection of the Establishment

The first round of the French presidential elections represented a watershed moment, we’ve seen a tremendous rejection of the establishment.

Brooklyn Shooting Reveals Violent Symptoms of a Society in Decline

The mass shootings in the US today are an unmistakable sign of social decomposition. What is it about a society that creates such extreme alienation that people decide to try to take the lives of […]

Protest and Flag Image
Sri Lanka: The Masses Must Organize and Trust Their Own Strength!

The most spectacular struggle of the Sri Lankan people since the 1953 Hartal is presently unfolding. Only class independence can lead to victory!

NATO Lies Exposed: Former Agent Speaks Out!

Jacques Baud, a former high-ranking Swiss intelligence and NATO official, blows sky high all the lying western propaganda surrounding the war in Ukraine.

Teachers Strike
Lessons from Minneapolis’s First Teachers’ Strike in 50 Years

After 14 days on the picket lines, Minneapolis public school teachers ended their first strike in over 50 years. Even more important than the concessions they won were the lessons learned for the struggles of […]

Donate to Help Build the Forces of Marxism!

We are experiencing the deepest crisis in the history of capitalism. Millions of workers and youth are looking for revolutionary ideas—we need your help to reach them.

Interview with a Starbucks Worker: Organize the Unorganized!

A Starbucks worker speaks to Socialist Revolution about the struggle to organize the anti-union giant.

Bolshevism, the Road to Revolution: A Reading Guide

A reading guide for Alan Woods “Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution” complete with study questions to stimulate discussion in reading groups.

No War
Censorship, Arrests, and Threats: Putin Fights “National Traitors”

As the war in Ukraine drags on, even the mildest criticism of the invasion is being shut down, on pain of arrest and imprisonment.

India: Casualized Care Workers on Indefinite Strike

DSAWHU has been on strike since January against unbearable working conditions and low pay. Their struggle is an example to the labor movement across India.

Q&A on the War in Ukraine: Cutting Through the Lies of the US Ruling Class

Some questions and answers for class-conscious workers and youth on the war in Ukraine, to cut through the fog of war and pro–Western imperialist propaganda.