[Audio] How to Recruit Communists & Build a Cell

The eleventh episode of Communists of America is now on air: There are potentially tens […]

Shawn Fain Proposes General Strike ­… But Why Wait until 2028?

United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain has called for a mass strike on International Workers’ Day, May 1, 2028.

Kenya: "Welcome to the Gen Z revolution!"
Welcome to Kenya’s Gen Z Revolution!

Big events are rocking Kenya. The government of William Ruto is attempting to shove punitive taxes down the throats of the masses. And his government has reaped an explosion of the youth.

'Change is Brewing!' -- Starbucks Workers Union Efforts Courthouse Plaza Arlington (VA) December 2022
[Q&A] How Would Communists Lead the Campaign to Organize Starbucks?

Starbucks workers are engaged in a struggle to organize a union. How can this fight be brought to a successful conclusion?

Supreme Court Ruling Shows the System is Rigged—Against Workers!

The Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling against the Memphis 7 shows yet again that the judicial system is rigged against the working class.

“Eco-Anxiety” Spreads among Youth
“Eco-Anxiety” Spreads among Youth

Transitioning from fossil fuels will cost $9 trillion a year. “Climate finance” capitalists say they can’t find the money.

The Revolutionary Communist International Has Arrived!

After a fantastic week of revolutionary ideas and inspirational reports from all over the world, the founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International concluded with a unanimous vote to launch this new International.

Fiona’s 10 demands: A revolutionary communist programme for workers and youth
British Communist Fiona Lali’s Revolutionary Program for Upcoming UK Election

British communist Fiona Lali is running in the upcoming UK election with a program that links the imperialist slaughter in Gaza to the austerity and attacks facing workers and youth in Britain.

What would it mean to finally dismantle US imperialism?
What Would It Mean to Finally Dismantle US Imperialism?

US imperialism is the single greatest counterrevolutionary force on Earth. What would it mean, concretely, to actually dismantle it?

The founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International begins!
The Founding Conference of the Revolutionary Communist International Begins!

Communists from every corner of the globe gathered for the first day of the founding conference of the Revolutionary Communist International.

A New Heyday for American Communism
A New Heyday for American Communism

The communists are no longer a handful of individuals huddled together in the political wilderness. It’s taken nearly a century, but communism is making a comeback.

RCA Comrade Could Face 90 Days in Jail for Giving Leaflets to Coworkers

On June 10, RCA comrade Milos Minos will appear in court for an unusual crime: discussing wages and working conditions with their own coworkers at the Minneapolis International Airport.