Marxism and the Right-Wing Frenzy Over “Critical Race Theory”

The “Critical Race Theory” debate sweeping cable networks is a calculated response to the largest mass movement in US history. Where do Marxists stand?

Afghanistan refugees attempt to flee.
Imperialists Cry Crocodile Tears as Afghanistan Refugees Suffer

Politicians in the US and Europe are crying crocodile tears over the hardships faced by Afghan refugees, while nonetheless abandoning them to their suffering.

9/11 Twenty Years On

Twenty years ago, the United States witnessed the biggest and bloodiest attack on its soil in modern history. Today, US imperialism is in crisis.

20 Years Since September 11: Article Compilation

On the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers, we are reproducing a number of articles about 9/11 and the “war on terror.”

Fight Texas’s Abortion Ban with Class Struggle!

Texas’s latest abortion ban shows that capitalism can only guarantee worsening oppression to women workers. The entire working class has a vested interest in fighting back!

Freedom for Jailed Workers in Venezuela!

As the Maduro government has attempted to make workers pay for the crisis, it has met the resistance of working-class activists with increasing state repression, arrests, and victimization.

Deadly Flooding in New York Exposes the Capitalist State’s Neglect

Like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, Ida has once again revealed the catastrophic effects of capitalism’s prioritization of profits over people.

Letter from a Domino’s Worker in Colorado

Pizza delivery drivers are being taken advantage of by their employers. Only mass working-class action and organization can point the way forward.

The Fallout from Hurricane Ida: A Letter from New Orleans

We received the following letter from one of our comrades in New Orleans who is experiencing first hand the devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Labor History: 100 Years Since the Battle of Blair Mountain

One hundred years ago, 10,000 striking miners heroically fought for freedom against the capitalists and their state. The Battle of Blair Mountain is rich in inspiring lessons for today’s class fighters.

Schools Reopen Across the Country—Workers’ Control Needed!

The current push to return to in-person learning is dictated above all by the capitalists’ desire to reopen the economy. Only workers’ control can guarantee a safe reopening!

[Poster] Join the Fight for Socialism in Our Lifetime!

Do you hate capitalism? Do you want to see a successful revolution in our lifetime? Get organized with Socialist Revolution! Help us build the forces of Marxism and distribute our posters in your city.