Wage Theft
The Bosses Steal $50 Billion from Us Every Year

Not happy with paying us a legal wage that is already so low it’s impossible to survive on, the bosses find ways to pay us even less than the legal minimum.

South Africa v. Israel: ICJ Genocide Case Exposes Crisis of International Law

South Africa’s landmark genocide case against Israel has attracted the support of millions worldwide, but international law is impotent to stop these atrocities.

The 2024 Election Circus Starts in Iowa

The billionaire media says that 2024 will be a “historic election” that will shape the future of the country and the world. But the reality is that, whoever wins, the working class will be the […]

Lenin and the Theory of Imperialism in the Americas

A new episode of Socialist Revolution Podcast is now on air: A Marxist analysis of […]

Middle East on the Brink: Imperialists Fan the Flames

The declared aim of Washington has consistently been “to prevent an extension of the conflict in Gaza.” But their latest actions have exposed this claim as entirely hollow.

Israel Murders “Record-Breaking” Number of Journalists in Gaza

The deaths of Hamza al-Dahdouh and Mustafa Thuraya raise the total number of journalists killed in three months of Israel’s war to at least 79.

The 2024 Presidential Elections and the Coming Storm

Against a backdrop of crisis, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction, 2024 will likely see a rematch between the two least-liked presidential candidates in recent history.

US Jet public domain
Hands Off Yemen! Imperialists Protect Profits and Israel’s Right to Commit Genocide

The hands of the western imperialists are drenched with the blood of Palestinians. Now in Yemen, they have directly intervened, recklessly escalating the conflict in the region. We say: hands off Yemen!

Connecticut Democrats Handed Over Community Colleges to Union Busters

As working-class youth, we are told that community colleges are an accessible way to get a start in life. Not in Connecticut.

Hamas and Israel: Friends and Foes

Israel describes its ethnic cleansing in Gaza as a “war against Hamas.” At the same time, Israel has done everything possible to strengthen Hamas’ grip on Gaza.

Building a Communist Party in the US | NYC Marxist School 2023

Socialist Revolution Editor Tom Trottier outlines the history of the Communist Party in the United […]

In Defence of Lenin: New Biography Available for Pre-Order Now!

In 2024, the International Marxist Tendency will celebrate Lenin’s life, legacy, and works with a series of events and publications, foremost among them a brand new biography, In Defence of Lenin, available now to pre-order!