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COVID19: Banks and Big Business Profit from Scarcity & Price-Gouging

The most nefarious element in the response to the COVID-19 crisis are the actions of those seeking to make top dollar from the artificial scarcity and oligopoly of the American healthcare system in this time […]

Housing Crisis in California: Socialist Policies Needed!

Dozens of major cities in the United States are dealing with housing crises, but California exhibits some of the most acute symptoms.

The Fight Against Dystopian Capitalism

We’re subjected to a daily parade of gruesome examples of how the bony hand of capitalism, in its period of senile decay, threatens to pull humanity into an abyss of barbarism.

“And They Lived Happily Ever After…”

For those who own and dominate our world, marriage is fundamentally a tool to preserve wealth, power, and privileges.

Student Loans: Usurers Come For Their Pound of Flesh

The Student loan industry’s parasitism is matched by the Democratic Party’s unwillingness to take them on.

Music and the Decline of Capitalism

The future of art is linked inextricably to the future of humanity as a whole and the political struggle against capitalism must necessarily find an expression in art.

Capitalism Pushes Climate Change to New Levels

The rise in CO2 levels will result in a drastic decline or extinction of two-thirds of all plants and animals on the planet. 

The Circus of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Every year, the White House holds its correspondents’ dinner. This farce, suitable only for those with iron stomachs and Herculean gag reflexes, is a clear demonstration of the major media’s “objectivity.” Even the New York […]

Karl Marx is the "Best Scientist of Them All"

A new study published by the world’s most reputed scholarly journal, Nature, once again shows that despite the hue and cry of naysayers and those who would revise history, Marx’s specter cannot be exorcised.

Musicians vs. Capitalism

Steve Albini paints an outlandish, macabre, and visceral image of eager young musicians willing to swim through vats of excrement in order to get a seductive label contract that will inevitably turn them into pawns […]