Ruto and Odinga Rotten to the Core: Revolutionary Alternative Needed in Kenya!

William Ruto was sworn in as Kenya’s president last week, after a close-fought election against Raila Odinga. Today more than ever, a revolutionary organization based on Marxist theory and methods is needed in Kenya.

South Africa: A Ticking Time Bomb

Thousands of workers took to the streets across South Africa to protest against the massive cost of living crisis, which has hit the working class and poor people especially hard.

Massacre at the Melilla Border: Spanish Government and Bourgeoisie Are Responsible

On June 24 there was an attempt by migrants to jump the Melilla fence and cross into Spain. This resulted in the death of 37 people and many more wounded.

Egypt: How Can We End Violence Against Women?

Those who want to rid Egypt of violence against women must turn towards the working class and raise the call: time’s up for Sisi!

Burkina Faso featured
Burkina Faso Military Stage Coup to Avert Revolution

The Burkinabé masses must rely on their revolutionary traditions to fight against the rule of the army officers.

Sudan Flag
The Sudanese Revolution Is in Danger

The Sudanese Revolution is at a critical crossroads. The liberals and so-called international community have shown they offer no solutions.

The Sudanese Revolution Roars Back to Life

In 2019, the Sudanese masses toppled the dictatorship of General Omar al-Bashir. Today, they are back on the streets in yet another revolutionary movement.

Sudan: Revolution Raises Its Head in Response to Military Coup

Following a coup, the enraged masses have returned to the streets in huge numbers. The reserves of the Sudanese Revolution are not exhausted.

Tunisia’s Constitutional Coup: No Trust in any Bourgeois Faction

The Tunisian government has been ousted in a palace coup, but there can be no faith in any bourgeois faction. The masses can trust only in their own strength.

Riots in South Africa: the Poor Lash Out

Widespread riots in South Africa have been fueled by anger, desperation and frustration over deepening poverty and the economic impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

Durban Dockworkers in South Africa respond to Palestine
Dockworkers in South Africa Protest Offloading of Israeli ship: “An Injury to One is the Concern of All”

Dockworkers in South Africa have refused to handle cargo from an Israeli ship, in protest against Israel’s bombardment of the besieged Gaza strip.

Senegal flag and mass movement
Insurrectionary Anger Erupts in Senegal

Over the last few days, a social eruption has shaken Senegal. The movement, emerging apparently from nowhere, has quickly gained insurrectionary features.