China: Regime Relents on Lockdown in Face of Pressure from Below

Recent protests in China against the regime’s harsh COVID-19 lockdown measures have further exposed the instability of the capitalist regime.

China: Anti-Lockdown Protests Light Powder Keg of Fury

Last week, the Foxconn mega-factory in Zhengzhou saw a violent confrontation between workers and the police over wage theft by management. In the following days, large and violent protests erupted in many major cities.

“Halla Bol” Youth Convention in Pakistan: An Important Milestone in the Struggle for Socialist Revolution!

Hundreds of students, workers, and political activists participated in the Halla Bol youth convention organized by the Progressive Youth Alliance in Karachi.

China: Xi Jinping Accumulates Unprecedented Power as Deep Crisis Looms

The 20th Party Congress shows that Xi is conscious of the potential for class conflict that is developing within Chinese society and will desperately attempt to prevent such a development.

Jîna Emînî: Murder of Kurdish Woman Provokes Movement in Iran

The brutal killing of Jîna Emînî by the Iranian “Morality Police” ignited a militant mass movement across Kurdistan. The only way forward is a revolutionary mass struggle using working-class methods.

Indonesia: Fuel Price Increase Sparks Nationwide Protests

Fuel price hikes in Indonesia have been met with mass demonstrations that have spread from city to city as tens of thousand take to the streets.

Pakistan: Masses Devastated by Floods and Rains While Rulers Continue to Loot and Plunder

Pakistan has been ravaged by floods and torrential rains, while the ruling class continues to loot and plunder the impoverished masses at this time of distress and disaster.

Sri Lanka: Protest Ranil’s Repression! Repeal the PTA!

In Sri Lanka, three student activists are being detained without any due process and are at risk of torture for participating in peaceful protests.

Sri Lanka: Lessons from the Struggle

In July, the Sri Lankan masses brought down Gota Rajapaksa. But once they left the streets, his stooge, Ranil Wickremesinghe took his place and unleashed repression.

The Taiwan National Question and the Tasks of the Taiwanese Marxists

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan placed the Taiwanese national question at the forefront of world politics. Marxists must raise the class question at all times and fight against reactionary nationalism.

Strikes and Communist Party Maneuvers Point to Rising Class Struggle in Vietnam

2022 has seen a wave of strikes in Vietnam. The Vietnamese proletariat needs to aim their sights at the new capitalist ruling class that the VCP helped restore in the country.

Pelosi Recklessly Provokes China with Taiwan Visit

Behind all the hypocritical talk of supporting “democracy,” Pelosi’s visit serves to further the interests of US imperialism and destabilize the region.