Chief Crocodile Joe Biden and his tears.
Biden Sheds Crocodile Tears while Supporting Genocide

Crocodiles are known to shed tears as they consume their victims. Today, we have many crocodiles in human form, but “Genocide Joe” Biden stands out clearly as the Chief Crocodile.

Protestor holding sign that reads "Hands Off Rafah"
Why Israel Has Delayed Its Attack on Rafah

The March 10 deadline for the attack on Rafah has come and gone, and there is no attack yet. Could it be that Netanyahu is having second thoughts? The answer to that is clearly, no.

Israeli bulldozer
The Economic Strangulation of the Palestinian People

Beyond the genocidal military campaign in Gaza and the constant expansion of the settlements in the West Bank, there is another war going on on the economic front in Palestine.

Ukraine & CIA collaboration
New Report Exposes 12 CIA Bases in Ukraine: So Much for National Sovereignty!

A recent New York Times article details collaboration between the CIA and Ukrainian intelligence services, including the construction of 12 CIA bases.

Aaron Bushnell: An Act Expressing the Rage and Frustration of Millions

The news of Aaron Bushnell’s brave act of self-sacrifice has powerfully echoed through the hearts of hundreds of millions of men and women.

Zelensky Avdiivka
The Fall of Avdiivka: The Beginning of the End

The announcement by the Russian Ministry of Defense that its forces had full control of the Ukrainian town of Avdiivka represents a devastating blow to Ukraine.

Election 2024: Why “Genocide Joe” and Trump’s System Has to Go

Communists have no illusions that serious societal change can result from the farce of bourgeois elections. The future is one of mass struggle and preparing for revolution—not electioneering and horse-trading for piddling reforms.

Middle East on the Brink: Imperialists Fan the Flames

The declared aim of Washington has consistently been “to prevent an extension of the conflict in Gaza.” But their latest actions have exposed this claim as entirely hollow.

US Jet public domain
Hands Off Yemen! Imperialists Protect Profits and Israel’s Right to Commit Genocide

The hands of the western imperialists are drenched with the blood of Palestinians. Now in Yemen, they have directly intervened, recklessly escalating the conflict in the region. We say: hands off Yemen!

NATO Staring Defeat in the Face in Ukraine

As the year comes to a close, the complete failure of the much-hyped Ukrainian counteroffensive has opened a chorus of mutual recriminations within Ukraine and between Kiev and its imperialist puppet masters.

The World’s Oppressed Will Shed No Tears for Henry Kissinger

The bourgeois media along with various statesmen and politicians are mourning their loyal servant, Henry Kissinger. But the workers and oppressed are not shedding any tears for the blood-soaked strategist of US imperialism.

The Demand for a Ceasefire in Gaza and the Communist Response

The demand for a ceasefire in Gaza has gained an increasingly wide echo. In this article, we offer a communist analysis of the demand for a ceasefire and point the way forward out of the […]