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Israel-Palestine: Imperialists Worried War Could Escalate

Israel’s war on Gaza has all the potential to escalate into a much bigger conflict, with fronts opening up on the border with Lebanon and on the West Bank, and turmoil spreading throughout the region.

Why Communists Call for “Intifada until Victory!”

The communists of the IMT will continue to defend the revolutionary heritage of the Palestinian uprising, and boldly put forward the slogan at every opportunity: Intifada until victory!

Hundreds Killed in Hospital Attack in Gaza: Rise Up against Israel’s Murderous Campaign!

Hundreds of people were killed yesterday in the bombing of the Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital. Now is the time for escalating the campaign against Israel’s murderous war against Gaza and against Western imperialism.

Israel on Trial: The Lie of the West’s “Rules-Based” Order

In Ukraine, the western imperialists pose as the defenders of a small nation. Today, in Palestine, the same ladies and gentlemen send aircraft carriers to stand guard as Israel slaughters a largely defenseless people.

American Ruling Class Lies About the Conflict in Palestine: Defend Gaza!

Israeli forces are savagely bombing Palestinians in their homes and preparing for a ground invasion of Gaza, while the American ruling class is shamelessly lying about the real nature of this conflict.

IMT Statement: Down with Hypocrisy! Defend Gaza!

Western imperialism and its lackeys are rallying behind the reactionary Israeli state as it unleashes bloody vengeance on Gaza. Freedom for Palestine can only be achieved through revolutionary means.

Israel-Palestine: No to the Invasion of Gaza! End the Occupation!

Hamas’s attack on Israel took the Israeli Intelligence and military establishment by surprise, but it should not surprise us in the least. It is the direct consequence of the escalating violent suppression of the Palestinians […]

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West Faces Humiliation in Ukraine

If the meeting of the Group of 20 major economies in India was intended as a show of unity against Russia, it succeeded in producing precisely the opposite result.

Ukraine’s Offensive Stalls: Are Negotiations on the Agenda?

Disaffection is spreading in the army and among civilians, while at the same time Ukraine’s western allies are getting cold feet and starting to talk about negotiations.

The Korean War at 70: Imperialism’s Legacy of Bloodshed and Division

July of this year marks the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement, which halted the three-year-long, all-out conflict known as the Korean War. The war remains one of US imperialism’s most […]

NATO Summit: Zelensky Comes Knocking, the Door Stays Shut

If you peek into the goings on behind the scenes at the NATO summit, you get a glimpse of the actual divisions, rifts. and challenges facing the imperialist organization.

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Latin America’s Second “Progressive Wave”: First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

Recent elections have led to increased noise in both the media and left-wing circles about a second “pink tide” in Latin America. It is necessary to examine the character of that first wave and the […]