Trump’s Mugshot: More Turmoil and Instability on the Horizon

Donald Trump has made history once again. This time with his mugshot. While the liberals crow over this ignominy, the Donald has monetized it as he campaigns undeterred for a second term.

Pride Before the Fall: Crisis of the Capitalist Establishment

We are witnessing a profound crisis of legitimacy and moral decomposition of the entire capitalist system. Former US President Donald Trump’s latest legal drama is just one more in a ceaseless succession of establishment scandals.

Federal Charges Against Trump and Hunter Biden Underscore Instability in US Politics

President Biden’s son will plead guilty to federal tax and gun charges in yet another example of the growing instability and lack of confidence in US institutions as we head into the 2024 presidential election.

El enjuiciamiento de Trump profundiza la crisis del régimen

En otra señal más de la creciente inestabilidad de la política burguesa estadounidense, se han presentado cargos penales contra un ex presidente por primera vez en la historia de Estados Unidos.

Trump’s Arrest Deepens the Crisis of the Regime

In yet another sign of the growing instability of US bourgeois politics, criminal charges have been filed against a former president for the first time in American history.

2022 US Midterms: Turmoil, Polarization, and the Need for a Workers’ Alternative

With the 2022 midterms more or less behind us, the opening shots of the next presidential election campaign are already being fired, and the political waters are, in many ways, even muddier than before.

Is the US Headed for Another Civil War?

It is self-evident that the US is gripped by intense polarization and discontent. But does this really mean we are doomed to a helpless descent into sporadic violence?

Republicans and Democrats in Disarray as the 2022 Midterms Loom: Fight Trumpism, Fight for Socialism!

With the GOP decaying into Trumpism, the traditional dynamics of US bourgeois politics have been entirely upended in the last period. We will soon get a partial snapshot of the political moods in American society […]

Capitalism Can’t Combat Climate Change

Judging by the liberal press, the only way forward for humanity is to ensure the Democrats maintain control of Congress in the midterms. But an even more urgent crisis faces our species: climate change.

Liz Cheney Ousted from GOP Leadership: Trumpism Is Alive and Kicking

The ousting of Liz Cheney is an indication of Trumpism’s continued hold over the Republican Party, which threatens the stability of the establishment.

The Civil War in the Republican Party

With just weeks left in his term, Trump crossed a line by fanning the flames of the riot at the Capitol. Profound divisions have surfaced within the Republican Party in the weeks that have followed.

[Video] Trump’s “Coup” and the Crisis of US Democracy

Antonio Balmer addressed a meeting of our British comrades, explaining that the storming of Capitol Hill is a graphic illustration of the deep crisis of American bourgeois democracy.