Italy: Neo-Nazi Terror Cell Linked to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion

A police investigation has revealed links between a neo-Nazi terrorist cell plotting attacks in Italy and fascist groups in Ukraine, including the notorious Azov battalion.

Kanye and the Culture War: How Do Marxists Fight Antisemitism?

Recently in LA, a fascist group dropped a banner over a freeway that read: “Kanye is right.” How can we explain the recent rise in antisemitism, and what should the response of Marxists be?

Racist Right-Wing Terror in Buffalo and the Decline of American Capitalism

Buffalo, NY saw scenes of horror as a white-supremacist terrorist opened fire at a supermarket, murdering ten people and injuring three more. This is an utter tragedy and an attack on the entire working class.

Canadian “Freedom Convoy”: A Warning to the Labor Movement

As the reactionary “Freedom Convoy” shows, the anti-establishment right can’t be fought with liberalism, only with a class-based left program.

Rittenhouse Acquitted: Another Racist Killer Walks Free

Far-right, white supremacist wannabe cop Kyle Rittenhouse killed two people in Kenosha during a BLM protest last year. Today, he has been found not guilty on all counts.

Trump’s “Insurrection” and the Chaos of US Bourgeois Democracy

The scenes of Confederate flag–waving Proud Boys storming the US capitol—egged on by the president himself—mark a dramatic escalation of the crisis of the regime less than a week into 2021.

Class Struggle in the USA: Reactionary Protests and the Strike Wave

A string of right-wing protests against enforced social distancing and stay-at-home policies across the country have received disproportionate media attention in recent weeks.

Socialism and Gun Control

Mass shootings are part of the terrible “new normality” of 21st century America. Liberals and conservatives can’t offer a solution to this problem—only socialist policies can eliminate the root causes of gun violence.

The Fight Against Fascist Individual Terrorism

If we are to effectively combat Trump and the small cohort of genuine fascists that orbit around him, we must analyze the situtation scientifically.

Mass Shootings, the Far Right, and Political Incitement

People around the world have once again been shocked by a wave of mass shootings perpetrated by far-right extremists.

Is Social Media to Blame for Polarization?

Desperately seeking an explanation, an aspect of social life that has only recently emerged is chosen to serve as the scapegoat for the problems of capitalism.

Christchurch Massacre: Far-Right Terrorism and the Growing Barbarism of Capitalist Society

Why are such acts of terrorism taking place, and what can be done to end this barbarism?