The Fight Against Fascist Individual Terrorism

If we are to effectively combat Trump and the small cohort of genuine fascists that orbit around him, we must analyze the situtation scientifically.

Mass Shootings, the Far Right, and Political Incitement

People around the world have once again been shocked by a wave of mass shootings perpetrated by far-right extremists.

Is Social Media to Blame for Polarization?

Desperately seeking an explanation, an aspect of social life that has only recently emerged is chosen to serve as the scapegoat for the problems of capitalism.

Christchurch Massacre: Far-Right Terrorism and the Growing Barbarism of Capitalist Society

Why are such acts of terrorism taking place, and what can be done to end this barbarism?

The Class Interests Behind Trump’s Wall

The dramatic “standoff” between Trump and the Democrats over border policy is a cynical charade between two parties that represent one and the same class.

[Video] How Did Bolsonaro Win the Brazilian Elections?

Jorge Martin, editor of América Socialista and writer for In Defense of Marxism, discusses the results of Sunday’s presidential elections in Brazil.

Brazil: Why Did a Far-Right Demagogue Win the Election?

Bolsonaro’s electoral victory is a setback for the working class. The task now is not to despair but rather to prepare for the battles to come.

Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack: Capitalism and its Monsters

On Saturday, October 27, the neo-Nazi Robert Bowers unleashed a foul nightmare upon the Shabbat service of a Pittsburgh synagogue, massacring eleven worshippers.

Financial Appeal: Help Defeat the Right!

Only a socialist transformation of society can smash forever the capitalist crimes of fascism and racism. This is the goal of Socialist Revolution—help us by donating or joining today!

Liberalism, Racism, and the Far Right

A society in crisis produces intense social and political polarization. With the “middle ground” melting away, the true face and role of liberalism are exposed.

Boston Masses Shut Down Racists

Between the puny numbers of racists and the tens of thousands who showed up to denounce them in Boston on August 19, the balance of forces between fascism and the working class is overwhelmingly in our favor.

After Charlottesville: How the Working Class Can Defeat the Right

The consciously organized working class, in the form of a mass socialist party, could stop a burgeoning fascist movement in its tracks.

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