Trump’s Conviction Shows Turmoil and Instability Are the New Normal

Donald Trump is now the first American president ever convicted of a felony—but the entire ruling class is criminal.

America’s Most Unwanted

This fall, millions of Americans will be asked to go to the polls to choose between two staunch defenders of capitalism committed to attacking the working class at home and abroad.

Biden Sheds Crocodile Tears while Supporting Genocide

Crocodiles are known to shed tears as they consume their victims. Today, we have many crocodiles in human form, but “Genocide Joe” Biden stands out clearly as the Chief Crocodile.

Trump, the Ruling Class, and the Crisis of the Regime

The entire regime of American capitalism is divided, and the era of relative political, economic, and social stability is over.

Election 2024: Why “Genocide Joe” and Trump’s System Has to Go

Communists have no illusions that serious societal change can result from the farce of bourgeois elections. The future is one of mass struggle and preparing for revolution—not electioneering and horse-trading for piddling reforms.

The 2024 Election Circus Starts in Iowa

The billionaire media says that 2024 will be a “historic election” that will shape the future of the country and the world. But the reality is that, whoever wins, the working class will be the […]

Middle East on the Brink: Imperialists Fan the Flames

The declared aim of Washington has consistently been “to prevent an extension of the conflict in Gaza.” But their latest actions have exposed this claim as entirely hollow.

The 2024 Presidential Elections and the Coming Storm

Against a backdrop of crisis, disillusionment, and dissatisfaction, 2024 will likely see a rematch between the two least-liked presidential candidates in recent history.

No to the Democrats’ Slanders Against Palestine Solidarity

Democratic Party officials recently smeared a protest in Philadelphia as “antisemitic.” Communists in Philadelphia expose their lies and explain the logic behind them.

Biden Says: “Build That Wall!”

Biden has used his executive power to allow the construction of Trump’s wall. When it comes to deeds if not rhetoric, the Democrats hold the same racist positions as the Republicans.

Crisis of Regime Deepens as Government Shutdown Looms

The likelihood of a US government shutdown threatening the livelihood of millions of workers looms large as the crisis of the regime of capitalist rule deepens.

Biden’s Cynical Calculations at the UAW Picket Line

Joe Biden—an enemy of workers the world over, and head of the most reactionary imperialist power on the planet—showed up in Michigan yesterday to “support” striking UAW workers.