[Leaflet] To Fight Anti-Asian Racism, Fight Capitalism!

We publish a leaflet distributed by supporters of Socialist Revolution at #StopAsianHate protests throughout the country. Download now and help us spread the word!

[Leaflet] Stop the Attacks on USPS: No to Privatization!

The following leaflet was written by members of Socialist Revolution in the postal union National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC).

[Leaflet] Fight Police Violence with Socialist Revolution!

When the great revolutionary martyr Malcolm X said, “You can’t have capitalism without racism,” he summed up a profound truth about the world we live in. Racist brutality is hardwired into the capitalist system.

[Leaflet] Fight for LGBT+ Liberation!

50 years after the Stonewall Rebellion, the militant legacy of mass struggle has been obscured by apolitical and commercialized Pride celebrations.

Fight Women’s Oppression, Fight Capitalism!

The struggle for women’s liberation must also be a fight for the liberation of all humankind—a fight for the socialist revolution!

[Leaflet] To Fight Climate Change: End Capitalism!

A system that puts profit over the lives of people cannot provide a sustainable environment for humanity.

[Leaflet] Fight for Socialism! A Program to Defeat Trump

The massive wave of defiance against Donald Trump’s election shows that millions of youth and workers will resist his government.

[Leaflet] Bernie Sanders and the 2016 Presidential Election

Bernie’s calls for “socialism” and fighting against the “billionaire class” resonate with millions of people. This raises important questions for everyone who believes that a better world is possible.

[Leaflet] “You Can’t Have Capitalism Without Racism”

Marxists argue that to end racism and all the evils that come with it, we must end capitalism!

[Leaflet] Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign

Pakistani workers and trade unionists are struggling to achieve and maintain basic fundamental rights. With fewer than 5% of the workforce actually organized, trade unionists are facing assassinations, assaults, kidnappings, and illegal detentions by the […]