The Big Bang: Shoehorning the Facts to Fit the Theory

A new paper has identified six massive, mature galaxies, shining brightly in a tiny patch of the sky in the constellation Ursa Major. According the Big Bang theory, these galaxies should not have had time […]

The James Webb Telescope: An Eye onto a Universe, Infinite in Time and Space

Having peered deep into the cosmos, the James Webb telescope is sending back images that defy the established cosmology and point to a universe that is infinite in time and space.

Baby Formula Shortage: Capitalism Fails America’s Infants

There is no clearer indictment of the capitalist mode of production than its failure to guarantee food for infants in the wealthiest country on the planet.

Save Lives: Socialize Big Pharma!

For the capitalists, tackling the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is not a profitable investment.

Capitalism’s Heat Wave Wreaks Havoc in North America

The capitalist system is responsible for the deadly and unprecedented heat wave in western North America.

California’s Megadrought and the Fight for Socialism

In California, the combination of climate change and a natural, cyclical climatic event has brought on the worst “megadrought” in over 400 years. This does not bode well for our future under capitalism.

Permanent Pandemic? Mutations, Market Failures, and Zero COVID

The pandemic has revealed that capitalism is totally unequipped to deal with a global crisis of this nature. In their short-term drive to protect profits, the bosses have left scars on society that will never […]

Capitalists Clash Over Hunt for COVID-19 Vaccine

The bourgeoisie is eager to get a vaccine produced so they can put an end to this pandemic and restart production. The ruling class, however, is divided.

Flat-Earth Revival: A Distortion of Capitalism

Like most conspiracy theories, the flat earth theory seeks to “connect the dots” and bring clarity to a world that feels confusing and polarized.

The Slipping Mask of Swedish Capitalism

The Swedish government is peddling the nationalist idea that Sweden is somehow better than the rest of the world. But the pandemic has revealed the true colors of Swedish class society.

Massachusetts Nurses on the Frontline in the Battle Against COVID-19

Massachusetts nurses are fighting both the virus and the bosses to keep themselves and their patients safe and healthy.

Coronavirus in Africa: Kick Out Imperialism!

The crushing domination of imperialism means increased exploitation of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, making things such as pandemics, war, climate catastrophes, locust outbreaks and famine inevitable.