Education Plan

Below is our Marxist Education Plan. Under each subcategory you will find a list of readings divided by levels for easy navigation by those who are either recently coming to the ideas of Marxism for the first time, or those who have already been familiarized with the ideas.

The Fundamentals of Marxism: A Short Reading List

Marxist theory is the basis upon which our analysis, perspectives, program, and participation in the movement are based. It is our “guide to action.” This is why the IMT places so much emphasis on political education. To this end, we have created an extensive Education Plan to assist comrades in their political development. This is an important resource. However, its length and scope may seem daunting to new comrades. With this in mind, the Editorial Board of Socialist Revolution has compiled a shorter list of classic works and other important writings we think will serve to lay a strong foundation in the ideas and methods of Marxism. We would like to encourage all our members and those interested in learning more about Marxism to read (or re-read!) through the works on this list, if possible, over the course of a 12-month period.

Dialectical Materialism

Dialectical Materialism is a way of understanding reality—whether thoughts, emotions, or the material world. Simply stated, this methodology is the combination of Dialectics and Materialism. The materialist dialectic is the theoretical foundation of Marxism. We provide various educational readings on dialectical materialism and its relation to natural science.

Historical Materialism

Marxists attach enormous importance to the study of history; not for its own sake but so as to study the great lessons it contains. Without that understanding of the development of events, it is not possible to foresee future perspectives.

Marxist Economics

Only with a Marxist understanding of capitalist society can the conscious worker cut through the lies and distortion of the capitalist economists and combat their influence within the labor movement.

Marxism and the State

Standing between the working class and the socialist transformation of society is a colossal state machine. Where did it come from? What purpose does it serve? Can it be reformed, or must it be done away with altogether? What should replace it, indeed should it be replaced at all? In the first place what is it?

Russia, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin

It is important for all Marxists, and those interested in the history of Marxism, to understand the real roles of Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. It is also important to learn about Russia before the successful October 1917 Revolution.

Marxism and War

It has always been important for Marxists to have a worked out position on war and its effects on the working class around the world.

What is Fascism?

The struggle against fascism has been a concern for Marxists internationally for nearly 70 years. In order to carry out this struggle successfully, it is important to understand what fascism is and where it comes from.

The National Question

The question of nationalities, that is, the oppression of nations and national minorities, which has characterized capitalism from its birth till the present time, has always occupied a central position in Marxist theory.

Marxism and Anarchism

What are the differences between Marxism and anarchism? What relationship have followers of these two philosophies had in the past?

Organization and Tactics

The working class can never express itself through small organizations outside the labor movement. The whole of history shows this fact, which Lenin and Trotsky understood very well.

The United States

The struggle of the working class in the United States will be a decisive factor in the outcome of the class struggle around the world. We provide here a list of works explaining the important role of the working people of the US.

Marxism and Feminism

The oppression of women has been a key question for Marxism. After all, women constitute half the human race, and have faced discrimination and degradation in many areas of life.

Marxism and Religion

We have received quite a few e-mails from our subscribers asking about the attitude of Marxists to religion.

Other Important Works

This short list will provide some extra reading material which doesn’t fit into the other categories but is still very important.

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